January to June 2018

I started the new year with a bit of man-monia so I was quarantined by Lisa.... I was still allowed cuddles with Theo though as long as I wore a face mask..... a big improvement I must say 🙈🙈

Theo was still loving it at home and was smiling more and more..... he was being such a good boy; he never cried for anything and was sleeping really well every night 😁😁 Plus he's super cute....❤❤

I got Theo to hold my finger in early February and the difference between when he was born and then was ridiculous..... he was so tiny....

Throughout February Theo had a couple of sleep studies and on the 21st Feb, Lisa sent me a couple of pictures while I was at work.....

The next one made me turn off my computer, get in my car, and go home for a celebration 😁😁 ❤❤

Theo carried on amazing us every day, we were so grateful that we had him and I couldn't wait to get home every night for my cuddle.... Theo was so happy to see me when I got home.... he was recognising all of our voices and turning to see where we were.... His hearing aids were definitely working and he was so happy and smiley all the time..... He's been through hell and back and has little scars all over his hands, wrists and feet from all the needles, but nothing phases him at all..... we are so lucky to have him 😁😁

He had another sleep study early March and he passed it with flying colours.... So he came off his oxygen at night time too... no more oxygen 😁😁

We took Theo on his first real adventure to the Zoo in April and he loved seeing all the animals.... We had a really nice family day out..... first of many 😁😁 We also had our first family photo since leaving the hospital.....

When we got home, Theo had a bath to get rid of the animal smells.... stinky..... He absolutely loves having a bath, the older he gets, the more splashes he makes lol

The brotherly love in the house was getting stronger and stronger as the weeks passed by..... Jack absolutely doted after his little brother, and Theo was so happy when Jack walked in to the room 😁😁

On the 19th June, Theo turned 1 year old.... He wore a 6-9 month outfit that our next door neighbour had bought him when he was first born..... it was still a little bit big for him and it said born in 2017 lol

We weighed him and he was a massive 7.460kg (16lb 6oz).... he's such a big boy now 😁😁

Jack read his card to him and Theo just wanted to eat it.... like he wants to eat everything lately lol

Including the wrapping paper and boxes from his presents lol

We went out for a birthday tea with Leanne and the children and Theo stole my ice cream..... it was the first time he has had one, and he shoved it down like he had never been fed..... he absolutely loved it!!

I could go on forever putting pictures on of Theo..... we have taken thousands since he has been born..... He loves the camera and every picture we take now has him smiling his head off.... he's such a happy boy and we are so blessed to have him.

He only has 4 medications now, three for his re-flux and his abidec vitamins to help him grow.... He is really responsive with his hearing when he has his hearing aids in, so that looks promising; and he appears to be doing really well developmentally which is really promising after his bleeds on his brain.... but we will have to wait until he is a bit older to be sure, not that it would even matter..... He is our little miracle, we have been blessed with him and he will have the best life and opportunities we can provide for him.....

As you all know, I decided to publish my diary in the hope of raising  money for St Mary's Hospital and Ronald McDonald House in Manchester..... With your amazing support we have raised over £6,500 from publishing the diary..... We also made a further £4,000 on Theo's 1st Birthday Charity Fun Day that we put on for 150 of our family and friends to celebrate Theo turning one..... 

We have exceeded our £10,000 target but we will be publishing an 8 minute video of Theo's 1st year online in an effort to try and pull in some more funds for our chosen charities over the next couple of weeks.

Once again, thank you to everybody who has supported us along this journey and who have helped us raise this fantastic amount of money for these wonderful charities.... 

Every penny we have raised will be split equally between the two charities and we will be putting some thank you posts out to all the companies and individuals who supported Theo's 1st Birthday Party in the next week or so.....

I will sign off by saying "it's been emotional". Look out for the YouTube video of Theo's first year.... please like and share it to spread it's reach. We will be keeping the gofundme page open so you can also still donate at www.gofundme.com/theosnicujourney

I hope that my Diary has helped people along the way who have been through, or are going through this experience..... stay strong, keep the faith and remember, love will see you through xx

Lots of Love, Phil, Lisa, Jack & Baby Theo xx

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