October to December 2017

We were finally home...... Theo was doing great and he was loving being at home with his family..... We locked ourselves away for a week and didn't have any visitors, accept for Leanne, Lisa's mum and the nurses..... Having Theo connected to oxygen was a bit of a challenge, especially getting him around the house, as you had to disconnect him from the big tanks, connect him to a portable one and carry that around with you.... and because he still had bad reflux, you had to carry him everywhere with you, you couldn't just lie him down.... it was a two man job really, so Lisa and I worked like a team to make sure we could get Theo about.

Jack was loving being a big brother and was really getting involved in feeding him and caring for him.... he even even changed his bum.... once 🙈

We gave it a week to get Theo's smell around the house and then Jack and I went to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary to pick our two dogs up.... We are so grateful to Bleakholt for taking them in, such an amazing charity.... The dogs were so happy to see us when we picked them up..... They recognised the house but everything was new so they were really puzzled and were sniffing around everywhere.... You could tell they had been in kennels again though as Coco just wanted to be as close a possible to Bobby all the time ❤❤

We took Theo to the shops for his first outing in the world on the 27th October.... Jack wanted to push the pram so we let him.... Lisa and I got to hold hands again walking down the road for the first time in years.... Jack usually jumps in the middle of us to split us up.... it's embarrassing apparently lol

I went back to work officially on the 30th October and tried to get myself back in to it.... but it was really hard to concentrate.... I just wanted to be at home with Theo..... My Senior Management had done a great job of keeping my business going, but with me out of it for 4 and a half months we hadn't progressed in terms of growth, because that is what I do! I had won a couple of direct government contracts and we needed to get ready to deliver from 1st November, so I got myself stuck in to that the best I could..... It was difficult to get fully back in to the swing of things because Theo was having 2 to 3 hospital appointment every week!

He had another hearing test on the 31st October and they confirmed that he was profoundly deaf in one ear and severly deaf in the other..... I think I had already come to terms with it as he wasn't really responding to noise in the couple of weeks running up to it, but the bad news still hit me hard.... I think it hit Lisa and Jack harder though as they both didn't believe he was deaf.... We spent a good few days feeling extremely upset and worried for our little baby Theo.... What would the future hold for our perfect baby boy?? I thought about all the stories we had read to him and wondered if he had heard them all..... Looking back on videos, I think he could hear us up to the point where he got really poorly with sepsis and suspected NEC.... maybe the toxins that he was given to save his life caused him to lose his hearing... it was a common side effect apparently 😥 😥 We took him to the hospital on the 22nd November to get his first moulds done for his hearing aids..... he was so good and just let the nurses do it.... nothing phases him at all. 

We then we went back to the hospital on the 1st December to fit them and see if they worked..... He definitely heard us, but it wasn't the euphoric moment we were all hoping for 😥 😥 The nurses did tell us that we probably wouldn't get much of a response though because he was so young (his corrected age was just over 1 month).... 

On the 8th December Theo got a really high temperature so we took him to North Manchester Hospital. They admitted him straight away and he ended up staying in hospital over night.... he must have just had a little bug though because he was fine after 48 hours..... it was a reminder though of just how delicate he was and how immature his immune system still was 😥😥 

He was getting such a big boy by this time... We were finding it much easier with the oxygen and he was sleeping really well through the night.... just waking up for one feed at about 4am. We still had to keep him upright for about an hour due to his reflux which was pretty hard. Lisa did it most nights, but I would do it once or twice through the week and then on the weekends to give her a break..... she was looking really tired but still so happy we have a baby and are home ❤❤ 

The results for the 65k bid that I was stressing out about came out in December..... I had scored 1700 out of 1700 for both companies..... absolutely amazing.... we were now fully funded for workbased Apprenticeships as well as the pre-unemployment contracts we won last year..... happy days.... no more scrapping around for sub-contracts and being at the beck and call of colleges.... Direct Government Contracts 😁😁😁 And loads of providers failed it too...... Just got to deliver them now..... taking 6 months off has taken its toll on the growth of the business thats for sure, but we'll be back on track in a couple of months!!

It was really magical again putting the Christmas decorations up in December.... Jack has known about santa for a couple of years, but still pretended last year....just about holding on to the magic..... but now we get to have that magic feeling again for the next 10 years at least 😁😁 We took loads of pictures of Theo's first Christmas with Jack and made some Christmas cards for all the family with Jack and Theo on it..... Theo is so cute and he loves his big brother so much..... and Jack loves his little brother so much too....you can't move for brotherly love in our house at the minute ❤❤❤❤

Jack was also loving waking up every morning to see what the naughty elf had been up too through the night.... although he pretended that he wasn't bothered, but he picked us up for it when we forgot to move him lol.....

Theo looked so cute in his Christmas outfit that Lisa's friend bought him.... he was in 0-3 month clothes and they still looked massive on him, even though he was 6 months old 🙈🙈 We weighed him just after his 6 month birthday and he was 4.61kg (10lb 2oz)..... over 3lb gained in 2 months..... he's so big now though compared to what he was ❤❤

Lisa asked me to turn my home office in to a soft play/sensory room for Theo's 1st Christmas present now that I had moved my Head Office closer to home.... I wasn't using it anymore so I did the conversion myself....

I finished it just in time for Christmas day...... Theo absolutely loved it 😁😁 and so did Lisa and Jack 😁😁 

Jack has nicknamed him Theo Messi, as he said he's going to be the next superstar footballer 😁😁

The last 2 and a half months have been quite difficult to get used to.... Theo is still on the same amount oxygen for his chronic lung disease, still on 12 medications once or twice a day, and still has really bad reflux so you can't put him down. But we wouldn't change him for the world.... he's such a happy little boy..... Nothing phases him and he never cries for anything 😁😁 

We had a really nice Christmas and New Years Eve at home.... I think Lisa and I are still in shock that we have had a new baby..... but we are all so happy and grateful that our new edition if finally here ❤❤❤

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