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Day 123 - Friday 20th October 2017 (Theo is coming home today)

I was up early this morning having not really slept a wink with excitement..... I finished off putting the welcome home sign and baloons up outside the front of the house and made Jack some breakfast, then we left the house at 9am to go and pick Theo and Lisa up and bring them home ❤❤❤ I couldn't believe today has finally come, I am finally getting to bring them both home..... I was walking on air all this morning 😁😁😁 When Jack and I arrived, Lisa said that the nurse had been in to tell her we couldn't take Theo home until after the ward round at about 1pm 😢😢 I packed up the car anyway and went to get me and Lisa some brunch.... In the afternoon, Theo had a hearing test and he failed it in both ears..... Lisa doesn't seem to be that concerned about it, apparently loads of babies fail the first one, so we will just need to see how his next one in a couple of weeks goes.... I'm not so sure though....I was clicking and clapping at the side and behind his head and he wasn't responding?? Hopefully it's because he is full of this cold though 🙈 We weighed Theo just before the ward round at 12:30pm and he was was a massive 3.01kg (6lb 10oz).... He got the all clear on off the doctors, so we said goodbye to the nurses, posed for a couple of pictures on the way out, and then set off to take our new baby home, after 123 days in hospital.... It was really strange driving Theo home, I kept nearly breaking down, but I held it together..... it was really emotional ❤❤

We pulled up outside the house and Lisa saw the banner and balloons, welcome home Theo.... we had a few more pictures and then walked in to our new home to start our new life as a proper family again....

We got Theo settled in, put our pj's on and then put the kettle on! Theo was being really cute. He was looking all over the place trying to work out where he was.... he's only ever seen the inside of a ward..... We put him on his jungle mat and he absolutely loved it, I don't know if he can see colours yet, but he was definitely intrigued....

The nurse came round late afternoon and checked everything was ok. She was nice, but we just wanted to lock ourselves away from the world and spend some time on our own as a family.... It was really nice to be home.... all the hard work on the house was worth it, Lisa and Jack loved it....... After 4 months and one day of total chaos, unbelievable stress, a roller coaster of emotions and weeks of uncertainty, we are finally home with our unexpected little bundle of joy...... he was a miracle in the first place and has made it home against all odds ❤❤❤ Its been a long journey and has really tested us all as a family, but now is the end of this chapter...... it's time to enjoy little Theo growing up to be a big strong boy ❤❤ I'm so happy!!!! 😁😁😁😁 I would just like to thank you for all your support and kind messages throughout this journey. Please continue to share my blogs with everyone you know to raise awareness of the great work being done by St Mary's NICU and Ronald McDonald House in Manchester.

It has been really hard for me to post this diary every day, re-living the emotional rollercoaster, especially in the early weeks. I really pondered about whether I should post it or not, but now that it's finished, I'm glad I did.... Your kind messages and support, and watching Theo grow along side my posts every day has pulled me through. We couldn't ask for a happier baby. He's been through hell and back, but nothing phases him. He loves life and is always smiling and happy.....

He is turning 1 year old on the 19th June, so I will be posting a couple of blogs between now and then so that you can see how much he has come along since leaving the hospital..... See how we dealt with finding out he is severely deaf in both ears, his first Christmas, coming off his oxygen and more.....

We will also be posting a video of Theo's first year online after his Birthday, which is very special and very emotional 😁 Subscribe to our page to receive a notification when I publish these blogs.... We have raised over £4,200 to date by publishing Theosnicujourney and are so grateful to everybody who has supported our fundraising and donated. If you haven't donated yet, but would like to, you can still support our two amazing charities by donating online at:

We are aiming to raise £10,000 to split between our 2 charities, so every penny you can donate will be gratefully received.... Thank you once again for supporting Theosnicujourney and reading our blogs. Please get behind us for one final push so that we can hit our target.... Lots of love, Phil, Lisa, Jack and Baby Theo xx

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