Day 115 - Thursday 12th October 2017

May 31, 2018



I got Jack up and ready for school, then sorted a laptop out for a new starter before dropping it off at work and then going up to the hospital to spend the day with Lisa and Theo.... I picked some doughnuts up again on the way to treat the nurses for being so nice to Lisa 😁😁

Theo was still doing really well.... everyday he looks bigger and bigger 😁😁 he's drinking about 70ml with every feed now and still wanting more which is great..... must be having a growth spurt 😁😁

He's found his new favourite sleeping place.... sleeping on mummy's shoulder..... Completely zonked out for ages.... Lisa and I took in turns holding for most of the day.... I love having cuddles with my little monkey 😁😁😁

He had his immunisation jabs today as planned and handled them like a big brave boy.... nothing will phase him after the journey he has been through... he's going to be tough as nails growing up 👍👍

I picked Jack up from school at 4pm and we went home for dinner. Jack had football training tonight so we stayed at home. I built the 3 in one pram/buggy/car seat thingymedo and sent a picture to Lisa.... first time she's seen it, since she ordered it 6 months ago!


After football training I spent the evening tidying up and then connected Jack's old PS4 that I brought back from RMH (my PS4 now 😉) to the new telly and put fifa 18 on when Jack went to bed..... I need to get better so I can beat him more times than he beats me..... I ended up playing it until about 2:30am and still couldn't get to sleep when I went to bed 🙈🙈🙈 and I didn't get any better!!

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