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Day 113 - Tuesday 10th October 2017

I got Jack up and ready for school this morning and then went back to bed as I didn't sleep much last night! Lisa text me at 10:30am to say she had changed our home address...... She then called me at about 11am to say we were being moved to North Manchester within the hour 😓😓 talk about notice to move.... I went straight up to the hospital and arrived just in time to pack up all Theo's stuff. All our usual nurses came in for a quick cuddle and a picture with Theo before the ambulance turned up and we left St Mary's hospital behind for good..... Lisa was emotional but has prepared herself mentally for the move..... she has not left this place for more than a couple of hours in the last 116 days.... We are now stepping in to the unknown, for who knows how long and we have no accommodation anywhere near the hospital!! Theo was put in to a transporter incubator to be transfered, he looked massive in there compared to the first time he was in one....

I drove my car around the back of the hospital and saw Lisa climbing in to the back of the ambulance..... by the time I'd turned around, the doors were shut and they were ready for the off....

They set off from St Mary's at about 11:45am with me right behind the ambulance until the first red light (about 400 yards away from where were started), then they put on their blue lights and were off.... 🙈 By the time I got to North Manchester, Theo was settled in his new home and Lisa was feeding him.

Theo had been put in an incubator for infection control and was in a small room with another 4 babies 😢😢 There wasn't any nurses in the room, they were bobbing around from room to room seeing to any babies that needed them.... it is a far cry from St Mary's hospital, but it's Theos new home for the next couple of days (hopefully). Theo was weighed on arrival and he now weighs a massive 2.81kg (6lb 3oz).... he is getting so big now, but still 2lb smaller than Jack was when he was born 😖

I stayed with Lisa and Theo for a couple of hours and then went to pick Jack up from school. After I picked him up we went back to North to see Lisa and Theo. We picked up some dinner from the cafe and we all ate it in the family room (although Lisa kept going back to the room to check on Theo). After dinner, Jack and I went back to RMH to pack up the rest of our stuff, clean the room and hand back the keys..... it took ages to sort the room out, I didn't realise we had gathered so much stuff in the 4 months we have been there!

Jack and I went back to North to drop a couple of bits off with Lisa who had decided she was going to sleep on a chair all night so that she could be with Theo.... it's going to be so hard for the next few days. We have agreed that Lisa will stop all night and I will take over in the morning so that she can go and have a shower and some sleep at her mum's, which is 10 minutes down the road. She cant stop there as they have s new foster girl, but at least she can get a bit of sleep and freshened up..... Jack gave the nurses some treats that we had bought on the way, had a few cuddles with Theo and then we set off home.... What a day.... only a couple more of them now hopefully 😁😁

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