Day 112 - Monday 9th October 2017 (16 weeks old today)

Jack came in to my bedroom really early this morning because he had a nightmare that Theo got moved to North Manchester Hospital and didn't come home; because he died!!.... poor little Jack, it's been such an emotional rollercoaster for him! It took me an hour to get him settled again and then he ended up sleeping in my bed.... I can't imagine going through this experience as an 11 years old that has longed for a little brother or sister for so many years... it must have been so scary, in the early days especially, but he has been so brave all the way through ❤❤ We got up a little bit late for school and he couldn't find his shoes..... he'd left them at his friends house last Thursday! Muppet 🙈 The plumber and builder came in the morning to finish the bathroom off, so I left them with the key, dropped Jack off at school just in time for the bell and then went to work.... I managed to get quite a bit done today for the first time.... I decided to sort the 4000+ email backlog out!! Select all.... mark as read.... job done!!

When I got home the bathroom looked miles better.... they are coming back on Wednesday though to put a new bath panel on because the old plumber has destroyed this one!! I have had to order another one it was that bad!!! Lisa called in the afternoon to tell me that Theo had now gone to feeding on demand and that his gases have gone back to being normal..... it looks like moving to North Manchester and then coming home is imminent 👍😁 she said that he had another ECG because he is on domperidone and it was reviewed as being normal, which is really good news 😁 Jack and I went up to the hospital after school and we both had a good hours worth of cuddles.... he's so cute.... he's turning in to a right little baby boy now.... eat, sleep, poo, repeat! 🙈🙈 I packed up all his stuff up from the ward... including most of his library 😁 and then Jack and I came back home for the night..... I had a good talk to Jack on the way home about what it might be like when Theo comes home.... he is pretty worried about Theo moving to North Manchester, because he has heard Lisa and I talk about not going there at all costs, but I explained to him that "that has been more to do with us wanting to stay together as a family, rather than anything else.... and obviously St Mary's is the best NICU in the North West, if not the UK! So of course we are going to do everything we can to stay there!! But Theo is nearly ready for coming home, so he needs to spend a little bit of time with the doctors who will take care of him for the next couple of years now....." He was a little bit more at ease after we spoke so hopefully he won't be too worried now..... I cant believe Theo is 16 weeks old today..... Not long now and we'll be a proper family again ❤❤❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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