Day 110 - Saturday 7th October 2017 (1 week corrected)

I was up early to see Theo this morning.... I've not seen him in the morning for ages. He was being really cute so I did his cares and then got him out of his cot to give him his 8am bottle and have a cuddle.... Jack had a football match at 10am so I picked him up from RMH at about 9am and took him to the game.... they drew 2-2.... it was a good end to end game that they should have won, but at least Jack scored the equalizer so he won't be too down today! After the game we went home so that Jack could have a shower and chill.... On the way we picked up all of the baby stuff from Lisa's Grandmas house (pram, car seat, high chair etc). Lisa was happy for it all to be in the house now 😁😁 We had some lunch at home, had a few games of Fifa on Jack's big screen, and then watched the YouTube Wembley cup final before going back up to the hospital for the night. We picked up a a Chinese takeaway on the way back to the hospital, nipped in Theo's room to see him and then we all went to the kitchen on the unit to eat it.... after our chinese feast, we all went back to Theo's room to spend the evening with him. We all did his next cares and then I changed his bum, fed him and changed his bum again 🙈🙈 little monkey.... At about 8pm, Jack and Lisa went back to RMH while I stayed with Theo again.... He was being so cute on my chest while I was reading him stories.... He was wide awake when I started reading the first book, but completely zonked out by the end of it...... he either really loves stories off his daddy, or I really bore him 🙈🙈 Either way, i've really missed him falling asleep on my chest 😁😁😁 I just want to get him home now!

I went back to RMH at about 11:30pm.... Jack was still playing on his phone and Lisa was taking advantage of an early night and was completely zonked out too..... I got Jack to bed and then went to bed myself..... One thing is for sure, I haven't missed the two single beds pushed together 🙈🙈, but I have missed sleeping in a bed with Lisa..... not her snoring though 🙈🙈 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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