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Day 109 - Friday 6th October 2017

I woke up this morning to find that Jack had snook in to my bed in the middle of the night.... 🙈 Jack didn't have school today because the first Friday of October is an annual staff training day at his school. Every year on this day we have a day out at Alton Towers because it is always quiet..... we get to go on every ride with hardly any cues 😁😁 This will be the first time in 5 or 6 years that we haven't gone. But at least next year we will be going on the little rides again 😁😁 My friend's plumber and joiner turned up to rip the bathroom out and start again with re-fitting it..... the last idiot has made a right dogs dinner of it! While they were dismantling it, they showed me just how bad it was..... He had stuck some trunking on the tiles next to the shower screen because he had cracked two tiles.... He had cut off the clamps that the bath panel fits on too, the bath wasn't level; and the double sink unit had been put on uneven and screwed together!! The list could go on..... just an absolute mess!!

I called Lisa mid-morning and she said Theo was doing really well.... He was still having his antibiotics but he seemed to be looking much better 😁😁 We just need to get him to his best and free from any interventions and we will be able to bring him home..... It's been such a crazy journey so far.... one day he's really poorly, then the next day he's doing great and we are talking about him coming home again.... Talk about a rollercoaster.... I'll be glad when it is all over!!! The builders finished the side cupboard (including screwing it to the wall and covering the mouse hole), fixed the shower to the wall, levelled the bath and lined up the shower screen (including replacing the two broken shower tiles. They need to come back on Monday to sort the bath panels out and completely re-fit the sink unit.....

After they left, Jack and I went up to the hospital to spend the weekend with Lisa and Theo..... he was being really cute when we got there so I took him out for a very long cuddle and loads of stories. Lisa took Jack back to RMH to spend some time with him and I stayed with Theo until about 11:30pm doing all his feeds and cares. He didn't take his bottle from me, so I fed him through his OG tube.....

I had a good few hours on my own with him tonight which was really nice..... I've really missed my little man this week... won't be long now though ❤❤

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