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Day 108 - Thursday 5th October 2017

Jack got himself ready for school and made us both breakfast again this morning.... he must be thanking me for his new boy cave..... 😁😁 I really wasn't looking forward to today as it is was my friends funeral..... but, I put my black suit on, attached my medals, put a colourful tie on (as requested by my friends wife) dropped Jack off at school, and then set off the Preston. I was quite early and there were a few veterans knocking about at the church that had served in the Army with him.... i'd not met them before but I went over to stand by their side and swap some stories..... About 10 of us did a guard of honour at the church doors as his close family carried him in, and then after the church service, we went to the crematorium, where I, along with another vet and some more of his close family and friends, carried him in to there, where I said my goodbyes to my friend..... another fallen solider! After the wake a few vets moved on to another pub down the road and had a few more drinks for him.... most were stopping over, which I would have done myself under different circumstances, but as I had to get back for Jack and was driving, I just had a couple of diet cokes and then set off home. I spoke to Lisa on the way back and she said that Theo has had another eye test today and that it showed up as still being a grade 2 in both eyes.... it's not got any better, but at least it's not got any worse either..... he will need another test in 2 weeks though! The test always makes him a bit poorly for a while, so he was feeling sorry for himself. He has already got a bug on his chest, but thankfully the doctors have started him on some antibiotics today so hopefully they will make him a bit better..... Apart from that, Lisa said that he's been really good all day and has been being really cute 😁😁 I picked Jack up from football training at about 8pm, as his friends dad had picked him up from school, taken him home for his tea and then to took him to football training with his school friend. I didn't get to see Theo again today as it was too late by the time a Jack got showered and change 😢 so we just had some supper and then had an early night. It's been a really emotional day today.... it's the second time in 4 years I've carried my friends coffin in to a crematorium..... not a nice feeling at all..... His children were so brave though today.... they stood together and took it in turns to read their eulogy. I don't know what made him do what he did, and I do hope his pain has stopped and he is at rest now, but it made me really sad to see all his family in so much pain.... I feel so sorry for his wife, his children, his parents, siblings and everyone else who was so close to him..... it's such a traumatic experience to lose somebody who is so close, so unexpectedly!!! I just hope they get through it over the coming days, weeks, months and years!! ❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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