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Day 107 - Wednesday 4th October 2017

Another day at home in my own bed.... I didn't get much sleep last night though.... I'm not used to sleeping on my own! Nearly 18 years sharing a bed with Lisa..... I'm obviously missing her! Jack got up around 7:30am and started to make his own breakfast.... he shouted me downstairs about 10 mins later, so I got up thinking he wanted help or something, but he had made some cereal and toast for me too 😁😁 Jack walked to school again at about 8am and I set off to work shortly after.... I couldn't concentrate all day and just kept calling Lisa to check on Theo.... it's going to be a real struggle getting my head back in to the game after so long off!! I picked Jack up from school and we went up to see Theo and Lisa at the hospital. Theo looked so big and grown up..... its only been a few days since I held him, but he seems to have grown loads 😁😁 He's become a big hit with some of the nurses now too, and they like to come and have a cuddle with him either before or after their shifts ❤❤ he's so cute....

After we prised Theo from the nurse's arms 😍😍 Jack had a cuddle.... he read him a load of stories and Theo was being really cute looking at him and sucking his dummy ❤❤❤

Then it was my turn.... I had a good 2 hours worth of cuddles (now that I'm better) and read him pretty much every story he has in his ever growing library..... He was staring at me all the time when I was reading, really focusing on my voice.... he definitely knows who I am 😁😁

I'm really missing spending time with him though; and I'm missing Lisa.... hopefully they will be home soon and we can be a proper family again 😢😢 Jack and I drove back home at about 9pm, had some supper, and then went to chill in Jack's boy cave..... I beat him at Fifa (by a sweaty goal apparently), then we went to bed! Another day closer to bringing our little super hero home! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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