Day 105 - Monday 2nd October 2017 (15 weeks old today)

I didn't see Theo again this morning as I was still full of man-monia, so I took Jack to school and then went to the office for the first time in ages.... I have decided to try and get myself back in to work mode, but I still feel like rubbish so I didn't get much done.... I was just passing the time really until Jack finished school.... I sent my car off for repair last week and they dropped it off at the office this afternoon.... While I was looking around it, I noticed that the rear bumper was still a bit out of shape, so the driver/mechanic got his tool box out and tightened up a bolt underneath?? Random!

I didn't go up to see Theo again today because of my bug 😢😢 Lisa said he was still doing great and sent me some pictures.... she didn't change our postcode today as she wants to wait until he is ready to come home before they move us to North Manchester ❤❤ so for now, we are still living at the flat in Manchester City Centre.....

But Jack really wanted to move back home today and Lisa said that we should now that Theo will be home imminently.... I wanted to stay at RMH but I was out voted, so I met Jack at home after school and we spent our first night in the new house.... After he did his homework in his new office, we did what boys do..... had pizza for tea, then played fifa all night in Jack's new boy cave!

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