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Day 101 - Thursday 28th September 2017

I woke up late again to take Jack to school (I'm so tired!), so I didn't get to see Theo again this morning 🙁.... I dropped Jack off then went round to the house..... The painters were there already but they were waiting for the plumber to finish in the bathroom so they could paint in there and down the stairs.... I had them doing various jobs around the house including building the new TV bed and Lisa's dressing table in our bedroom. Top guys the painters, they have really mucked in and pulled me out of it!

I spent all morning moving the rubbish from my back garden in to the garage, talk about a mess!!! The skip was across the garage door and had already been filled to the point it was overflowing by the labourers..... and now my garage was full to the brim with rubbish too! At least the back garden was relatively clean again though now! The carpet fitters turned up mid morning and fitted the massive carpet in front room and dining room, they just need to come back and do the stairs When the bathroom is done and the painters have finished!.... It's looking really good in those two rooms now, I just need to move furniture around and give everywhere a good clean, then downstairs will be done! Lisa called and said that she was going to pick Jack up from school tomorrow and then come round to the house to see the 'painting job' that I told her I have been doing.... no pressure!! She said that Theo has had another ROP and both of his eyes have got better 😁😁 he now has grade 2 ROP in both again.... he will need another test next week, but hopefully now that he is on minimum oxygen, they will both fully resolved 😁 He also had another echo on his heart today and it showed a moderate PDA 😁👍 another great result..... last time it was showing as large!! The doctors said that they would half his diuretics now which is really good news!! He's doing so well and I'm missing it all because this builder has really let me down!! The plumber turned up at lunch time to finish the bathroom..... The old builder texted me just after and asked me to pay him.... "are you joking"... the job isn't even finished?? I text him back telling him there was loads that he hasn't done and all the rubbish needs moving before I make any payments, including out of my garage! I said we also need to sit down and agree on what I am paying him for, as he has not done more than half of what he originally quoted me for! I picked Jack up from school and took him to his grandmas for tea again. When I got back the old builder was there..... talk about frosty.... he went upstairs to help the plumber finish fitting the bathroom..... Some guy turned up about 6pm to do the siliconing and cut the bath panels?? and then without saying a word, or showing me the finished job....they all left!! I didn't realise they had gone until my painter told me, so we went up to see the bathroom and OMG!! What a mess. Nothing was lined up.... one shower screen was an inch lower that the other, the bath panels were all over the place and not flush, the shower wasn't fitted to the wall properly, one of the taps on the sink had a gap under it and the cupboard had been refitted to the wall with silicone again, but this time minus the cut off pieces at the bottom!! It was a complete mess, no wonder they didn't show me!!!

I picked Jack up from his Grandmas at about 10pm and we headed back to the hospital..... I think I am coming down with something as I feel terrible! Probably as a result of moving all that rubbish this morning, or extaution! Lisa didn't get back to RMH until really late so I didn't get to see Theo again! This rubbish builder has made me miss loads of time with Theo and it's really wound me up!! 8 weeks he's had to complete this job and I've ended up doing or sorting most of it myself 😡😡 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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