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Day 100 - Wednesday 27th September 2017

I woke up late again today, so I didn't get to see Theo before taking Jack to school and going to the house..... I'm so tired at the minute.... talk about burning the candle at both ends!! On the way to school, Lisa put some pictures on our family WhatsApp group showing what the nurses had done for Theo's 100 days on NICU..... They had made him a card and put a banner around his cot 😁😁

I dropped Jack off at school (just in time again!) And then spent another full day at the house..... it's really starting to take shape now..... the tiler was there early to finish off the bathroom and a couple of snags in the kitchen so that's all done now.

The the old builder showed up in the afternoon to give the plumber a hand in the bathroom.... He fitted a side cabinet and then left..... I went up to look at what he had done and he had made a right hash of it!!!.... He'd put it too close to the boiler cupboard and you couldn't open the door! He'd stuck it to the wall with silicone?? and when I pulled it away from the wall, there was a piece of the cabinet on both sides where he had cut it too much and then stuck them back on with silicone!!! He's absolutely ruined a £250 cabinet..... I'm starting to wonder if this guy is even a builder!!!

I picked Jack up from school at 4pm and took him to his grandmas for his tea. I then went back to the house to carry on with the massive job in hand!! The kitchen is finally finished, it just needs a really good clean tomorrow, the front room and dining room is painted, so I've got the carpet guys coming tomorrow to fit the massive 1 piece carpet in both rooms! A big push tomorrow and hopefully downstairs will be fully completed! I picked Jack up from his Grandmas at about 8pm and we went back to the hospital to see Theo. He was asleep so Lisa took Jack back to RMH and I stayed with Theo. I waited until he woke up and then changed his nappy, fed him at bottle and read him (and the whole room) a load of stories while he slept on my chest.... he's so cute, can't believe he's been in the hospital for 100 days!

I've really missed him the last few days.... hopefully the house will be done in a couple of days and we can all come home ❤❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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