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Day 97 - Sunday 24th September 2017

I didn't really sleep much last night thinking about my mate and I was up really early this morning to go and meet the sparky at the house, so I didn't get to see Theo this morning 🙁🙁 The house is starting to take shape now that I'm managing it. The kitchen has been rewired, the tiles are on all the walls and half of the floor in the bathroom, I've cleaned the dust out of the kitchen and moved everything back in there. Painting downstairs has commenced, the gardener is booked for Mon/Tues, the rest of bathroom suite is going in tomorrow and Jack and Theo's rooms are pretty much completed 😁😁

The builder that I sacked yesterday turned up like he was still running the show??..... He had his tail between his legs and said he'd come to plaster the bits in the bathroom and where I had knocked out for the electrics in the kitchen, plus cut all the plinths to finish the kitchen off..... so being as I needed them doing I let him crack on! I had to go out to pick up the down lights for the kitchen and bathroom and when I got back, the plasteting looked like a two year old had done it and he'd gone...... with the plinths!!! What is this guy on!! Lisa called in the afternoon to say that Theo had been moved in to the nursery 😁😁 it's getting really close now! We had the nurse who messed his milk up a couple of weeks ago on today! Lisa said Theo had been a bit sick in the morning and had aspirated it in to his lungs.....which then caused him to have a massive Brady and stop breathing..... the nurse told Lisa to sit him up and pat his back because he might have a bit of wind!! Erm no!! He has been on Ranitidine and Gaviscon for a few days to try to help with his reflux, but it doesnt seem to be stopping it effectively.... so we need to keep him upright for a bit after his milk so that he is not sick..... Obviously Lisa didn't leave Theo's side all day because she was worried about him! Aside from that Lisa said that he was doing really well most of the day, but seemed to be getting a bit tired! I hope he doesn't need to go back on to opti-flow 😣😣 I picked Jack up from Leannes as he had slept over and took him to the Chinese buffet in Bolton. We then went to watch Kingsmen 2.... he got turned away at the first cinema because it was a 15, so I took him to another one and we tried again.... it was a great film and we both had a nice lads night. I didn't see Theo again today as we didn't get back until 11pm Lisa didn't come back over to RMH until well after midnight.... she has been on the in really late. Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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