Day 94 - Thursday 21st September 2017

Lisa wakes up at 4am every morning to express and call the unit, and I don't usually hear her, but she wasn't half making a racket this morning!!..... She got out of bed and went over to see Theo at about 6am and I, after grabbing another hour's sleep, got up myself and sorted Jack out again.....

Jack's turning in to a right moody teenager..... I do feel bad for him though, living in a shared bedroom with his mum and dad for the last 3 months!!! I couldn't imagine having to do that when I was turning in to a teenager! We went over to see Theo for a few minutes again before setting of to school. I spent the day at home again..... the house is trashed!! Unsurprisingly, the builder didn't turn up again..... the sparky that I sacked off the other day turned up at 3pm with the labourer to make the step in the bathroom?? Must be joiners now?? Or a Jack of all..... I spoke to him about the down lights in the bathroom and he said, "they're fine, you don't really need rated ones" What?? Amazing!! He said he was coming back tomorrow to sort the kitchen out, but I told him not to bother, I have sorted another sparky out.... he then finished the step and left without a word. I took Jack to his Grandmas for his tea and then went back home to meet my sparky! I should have sacked the current builders off yesterday and took my mate up on his offer..... a whole day gone by and I have had a step built by a sparky and labourer..... a 30 minute job!! Absolute joke!! At least I can get the tilers back in now though! I got back to the hospital at about 10pm and Lisa was at RMH with Jack.... I went over to see Theo who was doing great when I got there. However, just before I gave him his 11pm bottle, he had two severe Bradys and de-saturations one after the other..... I sat him up and massaged his chest to get his saturations back up, then when he was settled, I got him out of his incubator to feed him his bottle..... he's not had a Brady like that for ages..... I hope he's ok and not getting poorly again 😥 After his milk, he fell fast asleep on my chest and was saturating at 100%, so his nurse kept turning his oxygen down until he was on JUST AIR!!..... WOWZER 😁😁 talk about one extreme to the other!! He's getting so big and strong now.... I just hope I can get the house finished in time for them coming home..... I'm taking matters in to my own hands tomorrow and sacking this useless builder.... I'm going to do the jobs myself!! With a little help from my friends!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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