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Day 93 - Wednesday 20th September 2017

Lisa was up early today so see Theo who was still doing great..... I got Jack motivated, then we went over to see Theo for a few minutes before setting off to school. The traffic was a nightmare again and we ended up being a couple of minutes late 😥 I texted the builder last night and called a meeting for 8:30am at the house.... with the intention of sacking him off the job! He turned up at 11am with a load of excuses, blaming his subbies and everyone other than himself for what was going wrong!! I told him that I had another team of builders that were happy to take over if he was too busy, or if he didn't have the manpower (because failure isn't an option!) and he said that he was going to get everybody he has available on the job for the rest of the week/weekend..... and he has promised me that it will be done before the end of play on Monday! I told him that this was his last chance as I was already at a the point where I was debating throwing him off the job..... I told him I was fuming about the electrics in the kitchen and he said "the sparky is a nightmare, he did the same at my own house and I now have a load of extension leads under my kitchen units"... Brilliant!! I told him that I have got my own sparky to take over the electrics and then like a mug, I have let him carry on with the job.... I just want it done so I am going to micro manage the job and I don't care who I upset along the way! I called my builder mate in the afternoon and told him that I have let the current builder carry on, but that I wanted to use his sparky to sort the electrics out..... he said he was happy to keep his lads on other jobs and loan me his sparky on an evening, and that if things changed, to let him know! The bathroom looks a right mess at the minute.... The plumber filled the wholes in the bath in himself and they look a right mess too..... he said that when it dries, it will just polish out and you won't see it..... he's done it before then!! The current builder left shortly after our meeting (at about 11:30am) and said he would be back at 2:30pm to get the bathroom ready for the tilers tomorrow..... but guess what!.... No show again.... so no tilers tomorrow, again!! Unbelievable!!

I picked Jack up at 4 and we went back to the hospital to see Theo and Lisa.... she had been with him all day again and hadn't had a break! Theo was feeling sorry for himself because he has had another ROP this afternoon.... it looks like his eyes have got worse. The results show stage 3 ROP in both eyes. They are well dilated, with clear media and mild preplus in both eyes, but they both have temporal early stage 3 developing 😓🙁😢.... He needs to have another test in one week.... I hope they don't get any worse.... we need to get him off the oxygen because that can cause it to get worse!! I took Jack back to RMH for some tea at about 6pm and then swapped with Lisa on the unit at about 9pm. Theo was still sleepy after his ROP so I didn't get him our for a cuddle, I just read him some stories instead..... After I finished doing his cares, it was time to feed him his milk, so I got a little cuddle then..... not for long though because he clearly didn't want to be messed with, so I tucked him back in to his incubator, read him some more stories until he fell asleep, then went back to RMH at about 11pm for an early night..... shattered!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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