Day 92 - Tuesday 19th September 2017 (3 months old today)

I was up early this morning to spend some time with Theo before taking Jack to school.... he was doing great and was nice and relaxed, albeit still in his incubator.... I took him out to give him his 7am milk and have a quick cuddle before Lisa came over with Jack at about 7:45am. I dropped Jack off and then spent the day at home again sorting the mess out! Surprise, surprise the builders didn't turn up again!! The tiler sent one of his young lads to finish the kitchen floor and walls off and he made a right mess of it!!! WHAT is going on with these builders!!! I picked Jack up at about 4pm and then my mate (the builder) called to say he was on his way round with his joiner and sparky to have a look at the house. I took them round and he said it was a right mess...... "Tell me something I don't know!!". He said it would be about 8 days worth of work and that he could do without it, but if I decide to sack the current builders off, he will put his lads on it from Wednesday afternoon and have it finished by the end of next week! Jack was sat in the car outside the house for about an hour whilst we discussed a plan of action..... The kitchen needs new electrics putting in. I will need to knock out feeds in the walls and drill through my new kitchen cupboards to feed the under-lights and appliances! In the bathroom the new lights that I paid £270 for are normal down lights??.... they're not even rated and have thick silicone around them because they are too small for the holes!! Unbelievable!! Also for the last couple of days I have not had any hot water (only luke warm), and the plumber didn't know why..... turns out it's because he has connected the hot and cold pipes together temporarily until he fixes the sink unit to the wall?? They have absolutely ruined the only two rooms they have touched.... and the rest of house is covered in dust and dirt.... the painters can't paint, carpets can't be fitted, furniture can't be built.... all because of the mess they have made..... plus, my back garden (that I layed brand new artificial grass on the week before Lisa went in to labour), has got a 6 foot pile of rubbish on it!! The builder has not completed anything he said he would! Complete blagger and he's totally let me down! I've got a real dilemma now because if I sack these Builders, aside from falling out with people I don't really want to fall out with, I know that my mate will be dropping other work, when he doesn't really want to, and is already really busy.... but he will do it because he's a mate and is fully aware of what is going on with Theo..... I don't know what to do! I got back to the hospital late and went to see Theo again. I can't believe he is 3 months old today..... he's come so far and is nearly ready for coming home 😁😁 I just hope I don't let everyone down by not having the house ready for when they come home. I took my eye of the ball while I did the ESFA bid and now we're almost out of time, with so much to do! I'm seriously stressed!! Theo fell asleep on my chest for ages and we had another good cuddle tonight.... I'm really missing him at the minute. Every day he grows so much bigger 😢😢 He had another brain scan today and his bleeds have not got any worse thank god! He was still showing a grade 3 on the right IVH and a grade 2 on the left IVH though which is still pretty bad.... I hope that he doesn't have any lasting damage, but if he does, he will still get all the love and opportunities in the world..... I'm just glad he's alive, because there has been times over the last 3 months when we didnt know if he would make it!! My little super hero! You keep growing and I promise the house will be ready for when you all come home ❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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