Day 91 - Monday 18th September 2017 (13 weeks old today)

Lisa was up early today as usual expressing and calling the unit to check on Theo.... She got up and went over to see him at about 6:30am, while I got Jack motivated in to getting up and ready for school..... We quickly went over to see Theo, who had had a good night and was having a cuddle with his mummy ❤❤, then we set off school. After I dropped Jack off (just in time for the school bell) I went to meet my painters and the builders at the house. My painter had opened up the house and was making a start on painting the main bedroom. The plumber turned up at about 10am and carried on fitting the bathroom, and the tilers turned up at about 12pm and almost finished off in the kitchen, they just need to wait for the last few tiles to turn up as the builder didn't order enough!... Unsurprisingly, the builder didn't turn up today, so the plastering on the bathroom walls and extention to the raised floor that he promised he would do today, was not done! So the tilers couldn't do anything in the bathroom and ended up packing up to leave! I was talking to the main tiler in the kitchen while he was packing up and I noticed that they had tiled round the double plug sockets that needed moving.... one was over the hob and the other right next to the sink..... they said the sparky hasn't been to wire up yet so they have just tiled round everything?? Seriously, he was supposed to come yesterday and sort them, but obviously he hasn't done!... I then had a good look around the kitchen, I could see that there were no electrics going to any of the appliances or the downlights?? I couldn't believe I was seeing this, so I called the sparky and asked him to come round urgently, which he did.... I asked him why nothing was wired up and he told me that he was just going to run everything off the old 50amp cooker spur...... I told him that the appliances and lights are running at about 95amp and he said "it will be fine, you won't have everything on at the same time anyway" WHAT??? "Get out of my house!!" Are these builders for real or am I on Jeremy Beadle...... unreliable and unbelievable!! I've just about had enough now!! I called my mate who is a builder and asked if he can come and rescue me.....he only really does big commercial jobs though, so not sure if he will have time! But he has agreed to come and have a look tomorrow 😁 I picked Jack up from school at about 4pm and set off back to the hospital..... the traffic was a nightmare and we didn't get back until about 5:30pm! I took Jack straight over to RMH and made us all some tea.... Lisa came over and ate with us, then I went over to see Theo at about 6:30pm on my own for an hour while Lisa stayed with Jack.... I ended up stopping with him for the nurse shift change and gave him his 8pm feed, then went back over to RMH at about 8:30pm. Lisa was really mad with me because she missed the hand over, so we ended up having a bit of a row!! I didn't realise, I've had a crappy day and just wanted to chill with my little monkey 😕 But she's not missed a handover for weeks so I get why she would be upset 🙈 I decided to go back over to see Theo rather than argue with Lisa and stayed with him until about 1am..... he's been doing great today, he went in his rocking chair for the first time, with his zaky hands supporting him..... he's getting so big now..... he is exactly 5 pounds 😁😁 won't be long now.... just need to sort the house out as it's in a right mess!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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