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Day 89 - Saturday 16th September 2017

I went over to see Theo early this morning.... he was doing good and had a quiet nights sleep, but he was still locked away in his incubator, so I took him out for a cuddle when he woke up and gave him his morning bottle. Lisa came over with Jack at about 8am and I set off with Jack to the house..... I arranged to drop Jack off at his grandma's on the way as I told Lisa I didn't want him going in the house while I was painting 🤔😉.... its getting really hard to hide it from her now.... I think she's getting suspicious, but I don't think a new kitchen and bathroom would enter her mind!

Lisa's mum picked Jack up in the afternoon and took him to his friends Ninja Warrior party. He then went back to his friends for a sleepover. I hope his neck is ok after the crash yesterday.... it seemed ok this morning. The plumber turned up late today (surprise surprise!) and then put the new bath tap in the wrong place on my whirlpool bath.... he put it in the centre where the shower screen goes!! Why would you not check first??? His answer was "can't you just leave the shower screen off?".... Really??? The bath cost £1,500 and I should be making him replace it, but there isn't time to argue so I agreed to let him get a specialist in to repair it! 😡😡 The sparky turned up in the afternoon with the labourer and sorted the lights out in the bathroom.... I asked him when he was finishing the wiring in the kitchen and he said he was doing it tomorrow as the plumber is working tomorrow also.... and has a ltje spare key.... He then asked me for £270 cash for doing the the lights??? I thought that was a bit steep but I really want him back tomorrow to sort the kitchen out so that the tilers can finish off, so I paid it.... I'll argue it at a later date!

My painter was at the house again today with his mate who he had brought along to help out.... plus my adopted niece's boyfriend came in the afternoon to make a start on painting the front of the house.... I want it to look new from the outside when Lisa, Jack and Theo come home.... I finished Jack's room today.... he's going to be so happy when he sees what I've done in there.... it looks brilliant 😁 I'm actually quite jealous of his man cave!

I got got back to the hospital at about 8pm.... Lisa was still on the unit and had been there since this morning.... Theo's still doing really well and being proper cute. Nothing much has happened today with him, we are just counting the days until he can come home....he's still doing really well on his opti-flow and feeding really well with his bottles 😁😁 Lisa and I both stayed with Theo until about 12am, we did his cares, tucked him in, read him a good night story and then went to bed. Lisa would have been 38 weeks pregnant today..... I can't believe it's been nearly 13 weeks (he's almost 3 months old) feels like he's been here a lifetime already. Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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