Day 88 - Friday 15th September 2017

Jack woke up full of a cold today and didn't want to go to school. Lisa and I said he had to man up and go to school. I told him that if he gets through the day he'll feel better and will be able to go to his friends birthday party tomorrow! We had some breakfast, nipped over to see Theo for a few minutes, then set off for school.... I spent the day at the house again. The tilers were there all day, but they ran out of tiles because the builder didn't measure up correctly and didn't order enough 🙈 The plumber/bathroom fitter was there all day today but the tap was too big for the bath!! 🙈 So I picked Jack up at 3:15pm, told him I was proud of him for manning up, then did some running around looking for another bath tap (which I got from B&Q).... I dropped it off at the house and then set off to the hospital with Jack.... who I don't even think noticed that I had bought a new bath tap and took it home, as he was playing on his phone like a zombie! On the way back to the hospital, we stopped at a red light on the motorway roundabout near my office and all of a sudden someone smashed in to the back of my car at full speed!! They knocked us over the white line (about 2 car lenghts) and completely totalled their car..... 😡😡😡

When the fella got out of his car, he apologised and said he didnt see me..... (I drive a 4x4??) He then said that he was an off duty copper and that he had his young lad in the car..... I made sure everyone was alright and that he could move the car, helped him off the roundabout to a car park, took some pictures, swapped details and then set back off to the hospital..... what a numpty!!.... Thankfully, there was hardly any damage to my car 😁

On the way back Jack and I went to Wagamama for dinner and then brought a takeaway back to the unit for Lisa. Theo was doing really well, his opti-flow had been put down to 3 and he was doing really well with his bottles. I got there just in time to change his nappy (or should I say all 3 of them 💩💩💨💨) and give him his 8pm bottle feed 😁😁 he scoffed it all in record time and then fell asleep 😉 good lad, takes after his Daddy already!! I took Jack back to RMH at about 9pm and lay on the bed...... next thing I know Lisa woke me up when she got in at midnight..... I must have fell asleep within minutes.... clearly I was knackered! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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