Day 87 - Thursday 14th September 2017

I went to the house early today to meet the builder who promised me he would be there at 8am with all of his lads, and was going to spend the next few days "smashing the job off" but the only person to show up (at 9am) was a labourer to jet wash the garden and absolutely massacre the shrubbs!!! At least my painter is turning up..... I arranged for a carpet fitter to come and measure up in the morning and he said I was looking at 2 weeks to cut and bead the stairs carpet.... unbelievable!!! I knew it would take ages that one!! And it's trashed because the builders have been going up and down it with their boots on! I asked him to take the old one away to try and speed up the process and he said he would do his best.... In the afternoon, Lisa called and said Theo was having another eye test..... the results came back showing stage 2 ROP in both eyes this time! Looks like it's getting a bit better in his right eye 😁.... I hope it continues to get better and not worse again!!! The plumber and tilers finally turned at 1pm. I was 2 floors up in Jacks room most of the afternoon doing bits and bobs, and when I came down to check how the plumber was getting on in the bathroom, I could hear the tilers cutting the tiles with an angle grinder in the house...... I went downstairs and they were cutting the tiles in my dining room!!! The carpet was trashed and everything out of the kitchen (that I was storing in there) along with my brand new settee and telly in the living room, was covered in dust!!! I cant believe this lot!! Nightmares the lot of them..... I really wanted to kick off with them but I can't because I'll be right in it if they down tools!!! They didn't even know whether I was getting a new carpet or not?? Just as well I am! Talk about biting my lip!!! I picked Jack up at 4pm, then went back to the hospital. Theo was doing mutch better and was snuggled up in a knitted blanket. We got the results back from his mucus sample and surprise, surprise, he's got a cold...... 😣 Lisa got really upset because they have put Theo back in to an incubator for the next 7 days, so that he doesn't spread his cold!! He's had it for 6 days.... It's gone now?? I told her to just carry on getting him out and feeding him on the bottle so that he continues to progress well. It's a big blow and a barrier to cuddles though, and it feels like a massive step backwards! I took Jack out for tea at about 5:30pm at a new indian restaurant that has opened over the road.... it was really nice....

We then went back to the unit and stayed with Theo until about 8pm, then Jack and I went back to RMH..... Lisa came over at about 10:30pm and swapped with me. I picked some treats up from the shop for the nurses and took them over to the unit.... I got Theo out for his 11pm feed, had a cheeky cuddle for an hour while reading him some stories 😉 did his cares and gave him his midnight feed, before heading off to bed..... shattered..... I'm super stressed at the minute 😴😴😴😓😓😓 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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