Day 84 - Monday 11th September 2017 (12 weeks old today)

Lisa was up at 4am like usual to express and then called the unit to check on Theo, as she does every morning..... She then got ready and went over to see him at about 7am. I tried to motivate Jack (who had suddenly turned in to Kevin from Kevin & Perry) in to getting ready for school..... We had a rushed breakfast and managed to see Theo again for a couple of minutes before setting off to battle the traffic! We just about made it for 8:30am..... I decided to spend all day at the house trying to get things sorted.... the builder never turned up again, but wait for it....... the plumber did!! Only, he turned up expecting to fit a bathroom??? "What bathroom! You were supposed to turn up last week so we could order one" 🙈🙈 He said he had booked 3 days to fit it, so I went to the nearest bathroom outlet and bought a bathroom suite for next day delivery.... 3 grand later.... Way more than I wanted to pay but the closest I could get for next day delivery!!! I told the plumber and he said he will be back tomorrow to fit it.... "he better be!!" I picked Jack up after school at 4pm and took him back to my office for an hour to show my face.... we then set off back to the hospital. Lisa was still on the unit when we got back at about 5:30pm, so after spending 20 minutes with Theo, I took Jack back to RMH and made us all some dinner.... Grandma's sausage & mash, with peas and gravy.... Lisa came over to eat with us and then went back to see Theo while I stopped with Jack in RMH. She didn't end up coming back until about midnight because she said that Theo had had an episode where he stopped breathing and desaturated down to 4 while having a Brady!! I went over to say goodnight to Theo and get Lisa some bottles, because she had forgotton them..... Shortly after I got there Theo woke up then had another really bad episode.... the same as before! He didn't need neo-puffing but he needed his oxygen turning right up to get him back up on his saturations.... I hope he's ok and he's not getting a bad virus or infection..... he seems ok in himself most of the time, but he might need to go back up on his flow or back on C-PAP for a bit because of his injections and his infection score.... although we've not had the results from the blood cultures yet. Poor little baby... I hope he's ok... I can't believe he's 12 weeks old today! ❤❤ doesn't seem like that long, but I've been that busy, one day is just blending in to the next!! I went back to RMH at about 1:30am, after doing a quick run to the shop to get the nurses some treats, then went to bed.... knackered!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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