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Day 82 - Saturday 9th September 2018

I was up early to see Theo this morning. He wasn't looking as pale as yesterday because he had a blood transfusion over night, but he still looks like he's coming down with something 🙁🙁 The doctors put a canular in his hand through the night for the transfusion and he keeps smacking himself in the face with the splint and plastic tube...

I took Jack to his first football game of the season this morning, he scored a goal but his team lost 5-3..... they played well though against a tough team. I then took him to Leannes so that I could go to the house and make a plan..... I have decided to take matters in to my own hands in terms of getting the house ready..... the builders have been dragging their feet for the last 6 weeks and I've not been there the last 2 to crack the whip because of the bid!! Jack was going to the Theatre with Leanne and Lisa's mum to watch The Band. They came up to the hospital first and then I drove them to Manchester, went back to the hospital to spend some time with Theo, then picked them back up from the Theatre. Jack had a great time and said it was a really good show. Theo was still doing really well and was being a proper cute baby with me, I'm sure he smiled at me at one point, Lisa recons it's just wind when he smiles, but I caught it on camera and it looks like smiling to me ❤❤❤.... He is still quite unresponsive because he's still very premature. Lisa would be 37 weeks pregnant today, so he is almost there, but even if he was born now he would need some support and intervention...... another 3 weeks to his due date and hopefully he will be ready for home 😁

We weighed him again today and he's put a bit more weight on..... he is 2.158kg now (4lb 12oz)..... he's still only just over half the size Jack was when he was born 🙈

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