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Day 79 - Wednesday 6th September 2017

It was Jack's first day in high school today (only until dinner time though).... We all decided to stay at RMH this morning and have breakfast together. Jack was looking really smart and grown up as we left RMH.....

We all went over to see Theo before Jack and I set off to school..... he was still doing really great.... Jack read him a quick story and then we set off at about 7:45am... The traffic was pretty bad but we just about made it in time 🙈 I went to the office after I dropped Jack off and cracked on with the bid..... Lisa called in the afternoon and said that Theo had been moved from room 7 to room 8 while they cleaned the floor. While he was in there he had another eye test... his ROP had gone up from a grade one in both eyes, to a grade 2 in his left and grade 3 in his right. The doctors said that he might need laser treatment and could need glasses, but we will have to wait and see. I'll take that any day over what it could have been a few weeks ago! I picked Jack up from school at dinner time and took him back to the office..... he went straight in to the boardroom on his PS4, while I finally finished the 65k questionnaire 😁😁😁..... I just need to do the funding spreadsheet tomorrow, do a final check and then submit it, then I can concentrate on the coming home surprise! When Jack and I got back to the hospital Lisa said that the manager had been to see her and told her that we might get moved to North Manchester Hospital in the next week or so, so they can come and install Theo's oxygen in the house (it's a different outreach area)..... Lisa said that she wants to come home to check on the house.....erm, I don't think so, we've got no Kitchen and the house is upside down! I have had to tell her that the front room and dining room is under covers as I am painting the walls, and that I don't want her to come home until I have finished painting..... I called the builder to tell him and he said they will be finished in 2 weeks no problem!!.... I'm starting to worry because there is so much left for them to do..... we've not ordered the new carpets or blinds yet, not ordered the bathroom suite because the plumber never shows up, the painter hasn't even been to look at the job and I reckon it's going to take two weeks to paint throughout! Plus once they've finished inside, they are supposed to be fitting an outside toilet, decking an area in the back garden and converting my garage....... Then when all thats done, I've got to build all the new furniture (nursery suite, new beds, Jack's new room furniture etc).... and get it ready for them coming home..... it's not looking good, they should have started at the beginning of August as planned!! I told Lisa to tell the ward manager that our registered postcode is still in Manchester until the house is finished, which will be in 2-3 weeks, and that they will need to fit the oxygen in that flat if needs be, but then fit it again when we move back to our old house...... hopefully that will keep the manager at bay. Theo has had another good day, but he has been a bit quite because of the drugs they gave him for his ROP test 🙁 poor baby! I went back to RMH with Jack to start the funding spreadsheet and go through the massive clarifications spreadsheet..... I read a publication from FE week that they published today about the clarifications spreadsheet and they have said it's 100k words long and will take 8 hours to read..... they are not joking.... a bit more bed time reading tonight!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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