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Day 78 - Tuesday 5th September 2017

I went over to see Theo again before going to the office with Jack, he was looking great and we had a really good nurse looking after him again..... Lisa has got really friendly with this nurse so I think they will remain friends.... being as Lisa is a nurse too. She's so caring for Theo.... I think she actually loves him ❤ It must be hard for the nurses here looking after these babies, they grow bonds with so many of them, of which some are taken away too early to be with the angels 😢 and others get to go home, but live too far away for them to ever see them again.... I know for many it's just a job, but for those that are really maternal and allow themselves to get close, it must be hard to say goodbye.... I don't think I could do the job! I picked Lisa's car up from our house at about 11:30am so she could go to Leanne's mother in law's funeral. It was really hard for her to leave the hospital because the nurse was really busy with another baby and she didn't want to leave Theo on his own, but she wanted to support her sister and husband, and pay her respects to a lovely lady who has been through hell the last couple of years... She ended up being late because she got lost on the way..... she called me sounding really stressed so I told her to calm down.... I was worried because she hasn't been behind the wheel for over 80 days, is super tired and super stressed..... thankfully she found where she was going and made it in time for the last bit of the funeral..... then she went to the wake.... Rest in Peace ......... My heads of operations and finance came up to the hospital with me and Jack to see Theo..... They had come up to see him the day we found out he had sepsis so they didn't get chance to see him then..... just as well because they were a little overwhelmed by it all..... god knows what they would have thought seeing him on intensive care with a sepsis infection..... reason being why we have not had a lot of people coming to see him I suppose. They watched me feed him through his OG tube and then we set off back to the office. I have finished the majority of my Bid today.... thank god! I just need to review it and complete the funding spreadsheet. However I have still got to go through the clarifications spreadsheet that's about 100,000 words long...... it's going to take a day at least to get through that! Lisa called in the afternoon and said that Theo had taken a full bottle of milk off her.... he's doing really well 😁😁😁. I'm really desperate to get everybody home, but in the same breath, I really need them to stay put for at least two more weeks so that I can finish the homecoming surprise.... I've not had time to go round today, I text the builder though and he said it was coming along nicely 😁😁 we are miles being though because they have started the jobs 3 weeks later that they were supposed to! I've not even ordered the bathroom suite yet.... the plumber has been coming round with a brochure for the last week...... I don't know where he's coming from, maybe Australia?? When we got back to the hospital, I stayed with Theo for the evening and Lisa took Jack back to RMH, big day tomorrow for Jack..... he starts high school 😁 apart from his holiday to Marbs with his friends family, and the odd sleepover at his friends house, he's had a pretty rubbish summer holiday. We would usually go away for a couple of weeks and have loads of days out. It will be nice for him to see all his friends again and have some fun in big boy school! I stayed with Theo doing his cares and feeds until about 1am..... rather than reading him stories, I decided to read him a few pages of the clarifications spreadsheet.... two birds and all that 😁😁 I can't believe the stupidity of some of the people asking questions about the bid..... I can see it will be a real culling exercise in the industry..... hopefully I won't be one of the ones who is culled!!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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