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Day 76 - Sunday 3rd September 2017

We all had a lie in today..... we woke up at 8am and I went over to see which nurse we had and how Theo was.... he was really good and his nurse was lovely. Lisa and Jack came over at about 10am and we all spent the day with Theo...... although Jack spent most of the morning playing on his phone.... he's starting to get pretty bored now! Back to school in a few days though. I finally got to feed Theo by the bottle today..... he didn't take any of the milk but he was having a real good try 😁😁 I then had a really long cuddle with him.... the longest cuddle ever! He's so cute 😂😂

After my cuddle, Jack had him on a pillow on his knee for a while. Theo was being really cute staring at Jack, and Jack was being really cute staring at Theo ❤❤❤

In the afternoon we weighed Theo, and after deducting all tubes, wires and nappy, he was 1.998kg (4lb 6oz).

After that, we all bathed him again..... he loves it in the bath...... he's starting to see a lot clearer now I think as he is staring at us a lot more inquisitively..... after his bath Jack picked out a vest for him 'Best little brother ever'..... so cute 😁😁😁

Theo missed a feed in the afternoon because we couldn't get an aspirate out of his stomach..... he pulled his OG tube out and then shoved it back in again while he was having a bath. Lisa and I thought it had gone in to his lungs, so we asked the doctors if he could have an x-ray to check..... it was fine though.... it just needed pushing down a bit because he has grown so much bigger 😁 😁 I took a picture of my hand behind him again and you can really see the difference now.....

Theo's flow got dropped down from 6 to 5 today.... it needs to get to 3 then he will be put on to low flow, which is the last stage before he comes off oxygen. Its most likely that he will go home on low flow (a nasal canular) and be on it for 6 to 12 months because of his chronic lung disease 🙁 We all had some tea in the kitchen around the corner from Theo's room at about 6pm.... we have been bringing grandma's supplies over from RMH in the morning and putting them in the fridge on the ward..... shepherds pie today 😁 After tea I came back to room with Jack to do some more of the bid while he played on his PS4..... its driving me mad this bid is!!

Lisa stayed with Theo until about 10:30pm and then we swapped over. I went to the shop again to get some treats for the nurses.... they're doing alright for treats these nurses, if it isn't grandmas award winning scones every other week, which is like a smash and grab with the nurses and doctors, they come running from the other rooms 😂😂, its krispy kreme dougnuts every other day on my way home from the office and cakes & crisps most nights from the corner shop..... I think the corner shop owner thinks I've got a junk food problem though 😁😁😁 But it's the least we can for the nurses and doctors when they have saved our baby boy's life..... Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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