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Day 75 - Saturday 2nd September 2017

Jack and I went to the office really early again, we were meeting the CCTV guy at 6am as he is fitting the gate entry system today..... I spent most of the day doing the bid and waiting for the him to finish, while Jack took up his usual place in the board room..... he really loves that projector.

Lisa sent me a picture of Theo fast asleep in the afternoon and you could see the sore on his hand.... it looks so painful but it wasn't even bothering him.... he's so brave and strong 😊 We went to see the dogs at bleakholt at about 3pm..... they had a really big pen to themselves and were really happy to see us.... especially Jack 😁😁 we took them for a play in the field.... coco is still as bonkers for a ball as ever and Bobby just followed Jack everywhere.... they are clearly missing us 🙁 We took them over to the cafe for a brew and a cake before putting them back.... as we were leaving, they were trying to get away from the handler.... pulling him like mad..... poor babies, won't be long now and we'll all be home!

We got back to the hospital at around 5pm and we both went over to the unit to see Theo for a bit. He was still doing great, we were both dirty from the dogs so we didn't get too close to him, but he looked really cute in his little blue cardigan that Lisa has got out of the box in reception..... it's full of knitted donations so he's got a few really cute cardigans and hats out of it 😁😁

After an hour or so, I took Jack back to RMH and I made a Sunday dinner for us all.... on a Saturday.... nowhere near as nice as Lisas' but not a bad attempt! Lisa came over to eat with us and then went back to the unit to be with Theo. Lisa would have been 36 weeks pregnant today..... When she was pregnant with Jack it was about this time when she decided that she wanted the whole of our old house plastering (ceilings and walls), everywhere painting and new flooring downstairs..... we were on the bread line back then and I had about 3 jobs, so I ended up doing all the work myself..... I was stressing out so bad, but managed to get it all done on the evenings and weekends..... Although I had Lisa helping me put a laminate floor down in the living room the day before Jack was born..... and he was 8lb 2oz 😁😁😁😁 a little bit different to this one!! Theo is only 4lb 3oz now..... still tiny, but almost 3 times bigger than he was when he was born 🙈 After tea, I went back to our room with Jack. We took it in turns to have a shower and then I carried on with the bid until Lisa came back over to RMH at about 11pm..... I then went to the shop to get the nurses some treats (as usual) and went over to see Theo for a couple of hours.... he's getting so big now and I'm missing it all because of this relentless bid and my ongoing office move! He was sleeping so I couldn't get him out for a cuddle, so I just read him (and the nurses) some stories (he's building up a right Library next to his cot bed) did his feeds and cares, read him a goodnight story and then went to bed myself 😴😴😴 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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