Day 74 - Friday 1st September 2017

I was up and over to see Theo this morning early before going off to the office. He'd had another great nights asleep.... little superstar ❤ I went over to RMH to pick Jack up, but before we left I sent him down to reception at RMH to get some washer and dryer tokens so that I could put washing in before we left........ when he came back up to the room, he had a massive teddy with him.... it was a pick the name competition and we had picked Theo, Bobby & Coco (our dogs), Bertie (our friends dog) and Lucky...... Theo got picked out at random by a young boy who was stopping at RMH....... Apparently he cried when he realised that he hadn't won it himself 🙈 We all took it over the Theo and Jack gave it to him before we set off. On the way to the office, Lisa called and said that the night nurse from last night had given Theo the wrong measurement of sodium (too much).... it's not hard is it...... he's been on the same dose for weeks!! I spent most of the day moving the final bits out of the old office and gave it a final clean ready to be handed over to the new tenants! It's served us well but time for the next stage in my business! I called Lisa quite often through the day and she said that he's been good all day....He finally got his scan on his hand and they knocked the head off the cyst while they were doing it 🙈 the doctors said they would just keep an eye on it rather that intervening now! No surprise really as it's hardly visible now because all the puss seeped out while they were messing with it 🙈

I nipped around to the house to see how they were getting on in the kitchen and the old one had pretty much disapeared..... but only half of the the new one had been delivered 🙈🙈 the rest is coming on Monday. The kitchen fitter was a nice guy... he's pretty confident that he will have it all sorted within a couple of weeks..... thank god for that, I can concentrate on the bid for a few days now..... Speaking of which, I only got a little bit of it done today!!

After another long day, Jack and I got back to the unit really late again. We spent an hour with Theo and Lisa. Theo was doing great and loved his bid teddy..... I got him out for a quick cuddle, we read him some stories and I did his cares, then I took Jack back to RMH and to bed.... shattered 😴😴😴 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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