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Day 73 - Thursday 31st August 2017

Jack and I went over to see Theo before going to work again.... he had had a really good nights sleep again, his gases and saturations were good and he had been really settled all night.... he woke up when we got there, I think he heard me talking to the nurse and recognised my voice ❤❤ I gave him my finger to hold on to while Jack read him a story and he grabbed hold of it really tightly, while staring at me with his big eyes..... he's soooo cute!!! 😁😁 I looked back at the first photo of him holding my finger and you can see how much he's grown..... he's so big now..... we are going to weigh his again tomorrow so hopefully he's put some more weight on.....

Lisa came over to the unit at about 7:30am and Jack and I set off to the office. I had to park the car around the corner from our house to let the builders in..... Jack didn't suspect a thing.... too busy playing on his phone. The old kitchen has been ripped out today and the guy from Howdens came round to check the measurements.... it was a bit out, but nothing major! The kitchen was ordered for next day delivery, so things are going to get even busier over the next 4 weeks!! Just need to find a bathroom now. It is going to be hard keeping it from Jack every morning when I'm letting them in and I don't want him to see anything.... he's already seen the new sofa! So I decided to give the builders a key so I don't need to come. We set off to the office and I spent the day on the bid while Jack played on his ps4 in the boardroom, again....

Lisa sent me a picture of her feeding Theo with a bottle..... I can't believe I've missed that!!! He's so cute and grown up. She only gave him a little bit to try it (about 20mls) and then gave him the rest through his OG tube.

The CCTV guy was back again tonight to finish off the outside lights at the back of the building to light up the car park.... he was working all night so we didnt end up getting back to the hospital until around midnight...... I was so tired because I've been working on the bid all day, so I ended up going straight to bed and didn't get to see Theo tonight 🙁🙁, but when lisa got in shortly after she said he was still doing great ❤❤ but surprise, surprise, still no scan!!! My little solider, I really miss him when I don't see him, but I've got to get this bid done, and done well, otherwise I won't have a business this time next year!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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