Day 71 - Tuesday 29th August 2017

April 17, 2018



I was up and out early today to get some work done on the bid at the office..... Jack came with me and spent the day playing on his PS4 in my boardroom.... I've connected it through the projector on to the big screen in there and he loves it..... so I've decided to get him a projector and large screen for his bedroom as part of the homecoming surprise 😉

I spent the entire day trying to get as much of the bid done as possible, stressing out that it has to be done for the 4th Aug and then I got an email...... The ESFA have extended the deadline because they have made a load of changes to various documents and everybody needs to re-do them...... except for me...... because I haven't done those documents yet 😁 I now have until next Friday afternoon to complete it, so I can concentrate a bit more on the office and homecoming for a couple of days 😁😁

I dropped Jack off at Leanne's house as he was stopping there for tea. I had a quick brew and then headed back to the office to carry on working on the bid..... Leanne took Jack back to the hospital after tea and I got back well after midnight.

I didn't get to see Theo again today 🙁 but I spoke to Lisa a few times throughout the day and she said he was still doing really well in his big boy cot bed.... The nurse weighed him again today and he is 1.821kg (Just over 4lb).... so he really is a big boy now 😁😁


Lisa had him out for a few cuddles and was tube feeding him while he was out..... he's got reflux and it makes him sick if he lies down straight after being fed. Hopefully now that he's getting bigger, and he can be upright for a bit after feeding, it will be a bit better. He still hasn't had a scan on his hand.... thankfully it isn't getting any worse but I still think they need to check what it is!! Poor little baby.

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