Day 70 - Monday 28th August 2017 (10 weeks old today)

I got up early and went to see Theo this morning while Lisa had a lie in..... she had a bad dream about her and Jack getting sucked in to the sea in a caravan??? Weirdo! She was upset though so I told her to stay in bed ❤❤ Theo was doing really well.... but he was de-saturating quite a bit and I couldn't work out why..... when Lisa came over at 9am, she saw that his OG tube had almost come out of his nose!! I'm useless!! Not spending enough time with him has resulted in me not having a clue what I am doing!! I had some breakfast with Lisa at about 10am then went off to the office to finish off tidying up..... on the way there I stopped off at Mothercare to buy a cot bed mobile, some cot toys and some muslins..... The office is starting to come together now, the rest of the cameras are going in tomorrow night, I need to get the IT guy back fix the phones..!! And we are still waiting for a couple of office furniture bits, but it's looking good so hopefully I can concentrate fully on the bid from tomorrow. Lisa called at about 3pm and said we could bath Theo again so I went to pick Jack up from his friends and then went back to the hospital. When we got back we all gave Theo a bath (including his nana)..... he pooed in the first one so we had to sort him another one out 🙈 we then got him nice and comfy, sorted his musical cot bed mobile out (that needed battteries), then had some tea. After that I went back to the room to crack on with the bid,while Jack played on his PlayStation.

Theo is doing really well... hopefully he will be home in a few weeks, I just hope the homecoming surprise is ready for them 😐 We've not even started the kitchen or bathroom yet!! I think I'm going to order them myself because the builder is dragging his feet! Still no scan on his hand today..... I can't believe this hospital doesn't scan on a weekend!!... it's a poor state of affairs! No doubt there has been a backlog today as a result.... They better do it first thing tomorrow though..... Lisa came back to RMH at about 10pm, we ate some 'secret stash' cookies, then we all went to bed! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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