Day 69 - Sunday 27th August 2017

April 15, 2018



We all got up pretty late today, 9am. I took Jack to his school friends trampolining party in Bolton for 10:45am, then went to the office to sort out the mess that the CCTV guy had left in the trainers room.... I then fitted all the desks out with power, PC monitors, keyboards & a mouse each..... it's looking really good in there now 😁

One of Jack's school friend's dad called during the party and asked if Jack could go back to his house to play with his school friend.... I said he could..... he'd only be sat in my office on the PlayStation all day 👍

I called Lisa every hour or so and she said that Theo is still doing really well on opti-flow, but he's still not had the scan on his hand which is starting to wind me up..... I'm worried that it will go septic and cause him to get a sepsis infection again.... that was the worst weekend of his life by far!

In the afternoon, Lisa asked if Theo could be moved to the space near the window as it was empty and they said yes..... and wait for it...... HE GOT A COT BED ❤❤❤❤ Gutted I missed it though because I was stuck at the office!!

Jack ended up having a sleepover at his friends house, so I got him some clothes from the shops and took them round to him.

I then ended up staying at the office all day sorting stuff out..... I didn't do any of the bid because I can't concentrate when things need doing in the office! I really need to knuckle down with it though!!

I came back to the hospital at about 9:30pm, read Theo a few stories, had some tea with Lisa, then went back and sat next to Theo's to read him some more stories until about 1am. He looks so cute in his big cot bed and we can get him out anytime we want for a cuddle ❤❤❤


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