Day 68 - Saturday 26th August 2017

I was up at 5am with Jack today as I had to be at the office for 6am to meet the CCTV guy. Lisa was already up as she had been expressing and was getting ready to go over to the unit. She would have been 35 weeks pregnant today.... I can't believe we have been here for nearly 10 weeks..... hopefully 5 or 6 more weeks and we will all be home....

When I got to the office at 6am, the CCTV guy was already there waiting for me.... I asked him to look at the phones and he confirmed that the cable clips had been stapled right through the wires!! Nightmare!! I was making good progress with finishing the last couple of rooms off while the CCTV guy was fitting the rest of the cameras and the outside lights..... He went up in to the loft to feed some wires through when he shouted me up..... he had found the remains of a cannabis farm above my office!!! Brilliant!! I went up in to the loft and there was loads of dried out bushes, harvest paraphernalia, and water pipes that have been routed straight from the boiler..... that's why it's been so hot in my office even though the heating has been switched off!! I didn't manage to get any of my bid done today because I was getting pulled from pillar to post by the CCTV guy and sorting the final bits out around the office..... I need to spend 5 full days at it...... Jack and I went to our first utd game this season.... 2-0 against Leicester..... made hard work of it but 9 points out of 3 games with 10 goals and a clean sheet to show for it..... 👍👍 back on top!!

It was Manchester pride weekend so we ended up getting stuck in traffic on the way home..... an hour and 30mins to do a 20 min journey 😠😠😠 could of walked back to the hospital quicker! We picked up a Chinese on the way back at about 9pm and took it to the unit kitchen to eat with Lisa...... who had been there all day with Theo again! After our chinese we went back to the unit and all stayed with Theo for the rest of the evening..... he was doing really well on his opti-flow and looked so grown up..... The doctors had another look at his hand and said they might slice it open, but they got a surgeon down to have a look and he said to do a scan first to see what is inside rather than cutting in to the unknown..... I hope it's ok and he doesn't need it cutting open 😓 I need to get everything sorted so that I can spend more time with him but the major works on the house is finally starting next week so I'm going to be ridiculously busy!! We all stayed with Theo until about 11pm, we did his cares and fed him, then we all went to bed as we were all super knackered!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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