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Day 65 - Wednesday 23rd August 2017

Lisa was up early again to see Theo and I got up to continue with the bid..... mind numbing!! Jack and I went over to see Theo about dinner time and he was still doing great, his peep had been reduced to 5 and his oxygen was at 26% at one point..... 21% is in air 😁😁 The doctors said that they would be looking at putting him on Opti-flow over the next couple of days if his gases continued being good 👍👍

Jack and I both had a cuddle with Theo today.... it's a lot easier to get him out now and I take every opportunity to do so 😁😁

After my cuddle, I came back to RMH to continue writing my bid while Lisa took Jack out to the Manchester Museum...... she's feeling a bit more relaxed now that Theo is out of intensive care and is doing well 😁😁 plus we gad a really nice nurse looking after Theo 😁😁

When Lisa and Jack got back to the unit, Lisa called me and said that the nurse had told her we could bath Theo for the first time..... I saved my work on my PC and dashed over to the unit.... his first bath after 65 days 😁😁 When I arrived Jack was in with the councillor having a talk about his feelings.... the councillor gave us the nod that he was ok when they came back 😁 shortly afterwards Lisa and I bathed Theo and Jack took about 150 pictures and videos lol....

Theo was so cute.... he didn't cry or make a fuss and he was really chilled out afterwards..... he's amazing!!

He's got a sore hand at the minute from his last canular so has started on some antibiotics.... It's coming out as a lump on his hand..... I hope it doesn't get any worse! I went back to the room afterwards with Jack and carried on with the bid until Lisa came back from the unit at about 10:30pm. I then did my usual trip to the corner shop, got some treats for the night nurses and went to spend an hour with Theo..... He's doing so well, I'm mega proud of him xxxx I gave him his 11pm and 12am feeds, changed his bum, tucked him in, read him (and the nurses) a couple of stories, and said good night to my little super trooper..... I love him so much!! ❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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