Day 64 - Tuesday 22nd August 2017

I decided to work from RMH today on the Bid. Lisa went over early to see Theo. He was really settled and the nurse told Lisa that he had been quiet as a mouse all night... Jack and I took some breakfast over to the unit at about 10am and spent the rest of the morning with Theo. Jack had a cuddle for half an hour and was giving Theo loads of kisses ❤❤

I went back to RMH after lunch with Jack to carry on with the bid! After reading through the massive clarifications spreadsheet, I decided that I didn't like my answer to Q1, so I started to write it again 🙈 The carpet fitters turned up at the office to fit the last carpet but still no sign of the plasterer...... I had to meet the CCTV engineer at the office at 4pm so I set off at about 3:30pm and got stuck in traffic for an hour and half..... 🙈 I was at the office until about 9pm writing the Bid whilst the CCTV guy finished off the rest of the cameras and fitted the outside lights..... VSS House looks good up in lights!

When I got back to the hospital, I went over to the unit to see Theo.... he was still doing really well.... his peep had been put down to 6..... one more to go and he could be moved on to opti-flow ❤❤ Lisa and Jack were back at RMH, so after a while I went back to RMH myself and we all had something to eat in the kitchen before going to our room.... I then continued with the bid until about 1pm and finished Q1 & Q2 👍 I'll be glad when the office is sorted and I've done this bid..... I can get back to spending all day with my little solider again!!

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