Day 63 - Monday 21st August 2017 (9 weeks old today)

April 9, 2018



Lisa was up early today to see Theo. Jack and I got ready and went over to see him before heading off to the office. Theo was still doing really well on his C-PAP and the doctors reduced his peep down from 8 to 7 👍

I dropped Jack off at football camp at about 9am and then went to work.... the office furniture turned up (after a kick off with the owner on Friday night) we were still missing a few items but most of it was there and we got the two outstanding offices sorted..... just waiting for the carpets and plasterer to turn up now!

I finally started the ESFA bid today and OMG, IT'S MASSIVE!!! I've got 14 days left to complete it so I'm going to be really busy for the next couple of weeks, especially as I am finalising the office move and organising the homecoming surprise.... god knows how I'm going to pull this one off!

Jack and I came back to the hospital at about 7pm and went straight over to see Theo.... he was looking super cute in his new clothes.... he was wearing his baby Theo outfit and was holding Jack's finger... Jack read him a few stories and helped me and Lisa do his cares. The doctors were still happy with him throughout the day, they said that if he continues to do well on his C-PAP, it wouldn't be long before he goes on to opti-flow.... prongs up his nose rather than a mask 😁😁

Jack and I went back to RMH at about 9pm and I carried on with the Bid... Lisa came back after the ward round and went straight to bed shattered, so I carried on with the bid until about 12am then went to bed myself!.... I managed to answer question one of the bid today..... 5700 characters! Only 16 questions to go, plus a load of other documents and a spreadsheet to do!!! 🙈🙈🙈

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