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Day 62 - Sunday 20th August 2017

I was up early to sit with Theo today while Lisa had a bit of a lie in with Jack..... I made Theo's milk up at 8am and told his nurse that I had mixed it with formula milk, was putting his breast milk back in the fridge, then nipping to the toilet, and that the mixed milk on his table just needed the sodium and fortifier adding to it..... when I got back from the toilet, she had got another empty bottle out and was mixing the milk on the side with more formula 🙈🙈🙈 they both had to go in the bin, wasting Lisa's milk which is like gold dust at the minute!! Lisa came over about 11:30am with Jack and we all did Theo's cares and changed his nappy before the ward round..... its a bit later on High Dependancy. The doctors were really happy with his progress.... they were still tweaking things to keep him stable, but all in all he was doing well and more importantly he was growing. When they finished with Theo we went round the corner to the kitchen for some breakfast while the doctors saw the rest of the babies in the room.... Theo didn't have many clothes as we hadn't even started buying things before he was born, so we decided to go to the Fort in Manchester to get him some more..... It was like supermarket dash..... anything nice in his size we grabbed..... £400 later we all came back to the hospital and I went over to RMH to wash them all. When I got back to the unit, I took Theo out for a cuddle.... I had a good hours worth of cuddles and he was smiling his head off at me.... Lisa said it was probably just wind but I definitely think he was smiling 😁😁 Jack and I read him loads of stories and then Jack had a good hours worth of cuddles with him.... Theo fell fast asleep on Jack and his saturstions were miles better then they were when I had him..... Jack said Theo liked cuddles off his big brother better.... but it's more likely that Jack's teenage body odour just knocked Theo out 😂😂😂

We all stayed with Theo until about 10pm and then went back to RMH for an early night..... my little solider is doing really well.... I'm super proud of him ❤❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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