Day 61 - Saturday 19th August 2017 (2 months old today)

I can't believe Theo is 2 months old today..... he's still 6 weeks early but he is doing really well ❤❤ I had a lie in today until about 8:30am, I really needed it! Lisa had been over on the unit with Theo since really early this morning, so I got up and did some emails, then went over to spend the day with Them both. Theo looks so grown up in his little convertible incubator and clothes..... I got plenty of time with him today and read him loads of stories.... he's been squeezing my hand again ❤❤ it's so much easier to do his cares and move him with the lid off.... we weighed him again and he's put a little bit more weight on.... he's now 1.620kg (just over 3lbs 9oz)..... he still looks tiny though lay down in the baby scales..... being a rudy bum!

Our old life seems like a distant past now.... being at the hospital and living in Ronald McDonald House is the new norm.... I'm really proud of Lisa and Jack for the way they have adapted.... we are two months in and probably have another 2 months to go.... I really believe that Theo is doing so well because we (mainly Lisa) are with him all day, every day. Although he is still very premature, not fully breathing for himself, still being tube fed and still on a massive cocktail of drugs; he seems to be really alert and in good routine with his feeding and sleeping..... he loves stories and it looks like he is starting to love cuddles now as he doesn't desaturate when we get him out..... Lisa had him out again today for a quick cuddle and it looked like he was staring in to her eyes ❤❤❤ he can't see clearly yet, but can see shadows and shapes 😁

I picked Jack up from Leannes at 5:30pm, took him for a curry and then took him to the cinema to watch the Hitman's Bodyguard. It was a 15 rated film and the girl at the counter wouldn't sell me a ticket for Jack (because he said he was 11 🙈) so we went to the arcade for 30 mins, bought a ticket from the self serve machine, bought some popcorn, and then Jack stood behind me as we walked through 😉 😋 It was a good film but we didn't end up getting back to RMH until gone 11pm 🙈🙈 Lisa was still with Theo, so I called her to say we were home and she came back over to RMH. I then went to the shops to get some treats for the night nurses and then went over to the unit to sit with Theo for an hour. I gave him his midnight feed, changed his bum, tucked him in, read him a story and gave him a kiss good night before heading back to RMH at about 12:30am to bed! I had a really nice day with my boys today..... won't be long and we will be able to really nice days together as a family ❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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