Day 60 - Friday 18th August 2017

I managed to get up early this morning so that I could spend some time with Theo..... I only had 3 hours sleep but I was desperate to see him before having to go to the office to let all the staff in with the new alarm fob..... and hand out all the sets of keys so that I don't have to worry about getting to the office at 8:30am again.... Theo looked great and was doing really well in his new room and on his CPAP. I read him a few stories, did his morning cares, fed him, turned him over in to a comfy position and then read him another story until he fell asleep ❤❤ I went back over to RMH to pick Jack up who was in the kitchen with Lisa having breakfast, before heading off to the office to let all the staff in..... I then took Jack to football camp for another day of running around..... he is probably a little bit big for the camp, but the owner is a good friend, so Jack gets to help out with the little ones 😁 Another day of let downs at the office! No plasterer or carpet fitters, so 2 rooms not finished with the refurbs! The furniture guys brought some more desks at 4:30pm but didn't have time to build it all.... they are proper taking the micky!!! I'll be just as slow when it comes to paying their invoice!! As a result I have 2 rooms completely not usable! I called Lisa in the afternoon and she said that Theo was doing really well, but that the nurse had taken Theo's incubator top off and had dressed him for the first time ever while Lisa nipped put for some lunch..... She was really gutted that she didn't get to dress Theo first. She didn't say anything because the nurse was nice..... she just didnt think that it might have been a big thing for Lisa...... Lisa had been dying to dress Theo and had already picked a first outfit for him and everything.... I was gutted for Lisa and gutted that I wasnt there for it either 🙁🙁

Finally, the slowest painter in the world finished at 6pm, so I left the office with Jack to come back to the hospital. We stopped off at Mothercare on the way back and picked up some more premature baby clothes for Theo.... He was working a lot harder now that he is breathing for himself and he has lost a tiny bit of weight over the last week..... he now weighs 1.601kg (just over 3lb 6oz)..... I bought him some 'up to 4lb' clothes that were still too big for him, but he'll grow in to them over the next couple of weeks hopefully 😁 Jack was stopping at Leannes again tonight, so when I got back to the hospital, we went straight over to the unit so that we could both spend some time with Theo before Leanne took him home with her. Theo looked so cute in his clothes and you could get really close to him without his incubator lid on..... I managed to lean over and give him a couple of kisses..... I really wanted to get him out for a little cuddle.... I have hardly seen him this week! He looks so big.... I measured him against my hand again and the difference between now and day 5 is massive..... he's almost doubled in size..... nowhere near the size he would be if he was still inside Lisa, but he's doing really well and is staying on the same line on his growth chart 😁

Lisa and I stayed with him until around 12:30am, read him some stories, did all his cares, tucked him in, read him another story until he fell asleep, and then and then we went to bed...... I'm really tired at the minute! I'm really burning the candles with the office move, the homecoming, and managing family life..... and I really need to start writing this ESFA bid!! Hopefully next week will be a bit calmer..... but Theo is still doing great and that's all that matters!! 😁😁 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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