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Day 59 - Thursday 17th August 2017

I slept in today until about 7am; nightmare... I jumped out of bed, got Jack out of bed, rushed to the kitchen to make him some breakfast and set off with Jack to let the Internet engineer, painter and cleaner in at at the new office for 8am. After letting everyone in, I took Jack to shooting stars football camp so that he could have a good day playing football, rather than just sitting in my office playing on the playstation....

Lisa went over to the unit for the shift change at 7:30am and stayed with Theo all day..... he was still doing great, she had him out for a cuddle again.... 😁😁 I told her it was going to be a late one tonight as everything was going wrong. I picked Jack up from foorball camp at 3pm and asked Leanne if she could come and pick Jack up from my office on her way up to the hospital, which she did 😁 Lisa has been struggling to keep up with Theo's milk requirements lately so it was decided that he would have 3/4 breast milk and 1/4 formula milk. Lisa has been really stressing out about it the last few days, but she is doing really well. I got her some tablets yesterday from the doctors to help produce more milk..... she needs to remember that Theo is still 6 1/2 weeks early so she should be proud of herself that she's been able to feed him for the last two months!.... like I am ❤ Everything that could have gone wrong with the big office move, did!! You can't rely on anybody these days!! Carpets still not down in two of the rooms, the slowest painter in the world still hasn't finished! The plasterer hasn't shown up again, the alarm system hasn't turned up, and only half of the office furniture has turned up!!!! Absolute joke..... At least my alarm engineer arrived as planned at 6pm, so we went to screwfix to buy another alarm system.... It was a massive job that needed to be done tonight as all of our assets had been moved across and we had no security..... I ended up helping him to install it and we didn't leave the office until gone 1am....

As I was getting on to the motorway slip road on the way back to the hospital, a police car came whizzing past with his blue lights on, pulled in front of me and then stopped all the traffic..... A bloody road closure for road works!!!! I ended up sat there fuming for over one and a half hours and didn't get back to RMH until 3am!! Talk about a bad day.... fuming enough about unreliable people, having to buy another alarm system and bloody road works, but to top it off, I didn't even get to see Theo today for the first time since he's been born!! 😢😢 not a happy bunny!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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