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Day 58 -Wednesday 16th August 2017

I was over early to see Theo again this morning before heading off for another busy day with the office move. He had had another really settled night and the doctors said that he would most likely be moved in to a high dependency room again in the next 24 hours 😁😁 Happy days.... another massive step forward.

Lisa came over to the unit just after the shift change with Jack and then Jack and I set off..... Everything has fallen apart today with the move.... we are supposed to be in tomorrow but the painter is the slowest in the world, the plasterer didn't turn up again, the carpet fitters haven't managed to finish all of the rooms and the admin and training rooms office furniture hasn't turned up.... can't rely on anybody! I spoke to Lisa every hour or so and she said that Theo has been doing really well again today. He was breathing really well on his C-PAP and was awake a bit more than usual. She called me at around 2pm to tell me that Theo was being moved to High Dependency (room 7) at about 3pm 😁😁 I couldn't get away from the office though so I missed the big move 🙁🙁 Jack and I set off back to the hospital at around 5pm and went straight over to the unit to see Theo in his new room.... it was very quiet and spacious again.... no beeps and bongs going off all the time and everyone was very relaxed in the room..... hopefully he will stay in here now until he's ready for moving to the nursery, then home 😁😁 I better pull my finger out at home though because if he keeps doing as well as he is, we could be home by the end of September!

Aside from looking a little bit pale, Theo looked great tonight, I can't believe how big and strong he is.... Lisa and I spoke to the doctors about it and they said that he can have another blood transfusion through the night. I'm sure he will look a lot purkier in the morning then 😁😁 I stayed with Theo on the unit tonight while Lisa took Jack back to RMH...... Jack's getting really bored again, I need to take him out at the weekend somewhere to cheer him up..... Theo was de-saturating everytime I read him a story tonight....I hope he's not falling out with me because I have hardly seen him the last few days 🙁 .... hopefully we will be in the new office and sorted by Friday so I can relax a bit and spend more time with both of my boys ❤❤❤ and do that bloody bid..... I've still not started it!! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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