Day 57 - Tuesday 15th August 2017

Up at 6am this morning to go and see Theo. He had had a good night... the nurse said she hadn't heard a peep out of him..... he's such a good boy! He woke up when he heard me talking so I read him a few stories.... he loves my stories ❤❤ Lisa brought Jack over just before the handover at 7:30am as we had to go to the new office early again as I had to meet the builders..... we are having the wall taken down today to make the trainers room bigger! Jack and I set off about 7:45am and missed all the traffic.... summer holidays so not much anyway! I had another really long day in the office trying to get it sorted..... loads going on to try and get it finished for tomorrow as we are supposed to be switching the IT over and moving in on Thursday..... the painter has still got loads to do, the cleaner is running around behind everyone trying to keep the place tidy, the builders have knocked the wall down but the plasterers couldn't make it today to finish it off... the carpets are going down upstairs but they couldn't finish the other rooms downstairs today, the IT guys were in routing the Ethernet cables for the Pc's and Phones throughout but a few wall points aren't working, and the rest of the office furniture hasn't turned up....... nightmares!!..... I've have decided to get a new bathroom and kitchen fitted at home, so asked my builder to send some kitchen designs over to me. He sent a really nice one over this afternoon and I love it..... just need to get the kitchen measured up and designed now 😉 I have also ordered Theo's nursery furniture and new bedroom furniture for our room too..... Theo has done really well today. Massive step forward with his blood gases as they have been really good and the pressures on his BiPAP have been gradually reduced over the last couple of days. Lisa asked the doctors if they could put Theo on to C-PAP (continuous positive airway pressure) as he seemed to be fighting against the breaths being given by the BiPAP... the BiPAP was delivering on and off timed breaths and she could see him trying to breath to a different rhythm. The C-PAP is a continuous flow of air and oxygen, so he can take his own breaths at his own rate..... with a little help from a continuous flow. Another step towards him fully breathing for himself 😁😁 Lisa had another cuddle with him, she said that she felt bad because Jack and I weren't there for a cuddle too, but I told her not to be daft! I am really missing him though.....

I would rather be at the hospital with Theo than moving the office, but I need to oversee everything because it's a lot harder to change things once they're done! Plus my senior management team are far too busy to get involved..... the office move was originally planned for the end of June, our quietest time of the year, but because I've been pretty much out of the business since mid June, it has been delayed until now, our busiest time of the year! Hopefully we will be moved in and sorted by Friday and I can step out again to concentrate on Theo; and the bid! Speaking of which, I was going to try and do some of it this afternoon but no such luck!! Another relatively early night for me... I didn't get to see much of Theo again today, an hour or so this morning and the same again tonight..... I'm getting really tired now 😴😴😴 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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