Day 55 - Sunday 13th August 2017

I went over to see Theo early again before going to my new head office on my own.... I popped in to the old office on the way to take some signs down and pick a few bits up. I am leaving most of the furniture behind and buying new, so there is just everything off the desks and the computers that need moving over on Wednesday..... Lisa and Jack went over to the unit for the ward round.... Lisa said Theo was doing really well and he had a really good blood gas. The doctors said that he would be moved back to High Dependency as soon as they needed his bed.... hopefully he will stay in there for longer than a day this time. Lisa had made a few friends with other mums as well as the nurses on the unit and it was one of the mum's due date today..... Lisa called me and asked if I would get her friend's little one a present on my way back to the hospital, so I stopped off at the fort in Manchester to buy the little one some clothes, a book and a card. It was the first Man Utd game of the season.... Jack and I have season tickets but Jack said he didn't want to go and I was really busy at my new office, so we didn't end up going..... missed a blinder though! 4-0 against West Ham.... Lukaku 2, Martial 1 and Pogba 1..... Sounds promising.... Leanne came up with the kids through the day and took Jack back to her house for his dinner. I picked him up about 6pm and Leanne had done me a lovely Sunday dinner too.... it was delicious 😁😁 I then came back to the unit and Jack and I spent an hour with Theo before I took him back to RMH so I could get on with the ESFA bid.... I seriously cannot get my head in to it! As usual, Lisa came back after the ward round at about 11:40pm, I went to the shops to get some treats for the night nurses and then went over to the unit to say goodnight to Theo. I read him a couple of stories, his favourite is room on the broom.... he loves it.... I then changed his bum, gave him his midnight feed and tucked him in before heading back to RMH to spend another hour on my bid..... starting to get tired now 😴 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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