Day 54 - Saturday 12th August 2017

I went over to see Theo at about 6:30 this morning while Lisa had a lie in..... although she'd been up as usual since 4am to express and call the unit. Lisa would have been 33 weeks pregnant today... I can't believe we would still have 7 weeks to go if he hadn't decided to join us early..... aside from his BiPAP and the OG tube, he looks like he could come home and be a normal (tiny) baby, but obviously he's still a long way off that. I had some guys coming round at the new office today to help with a few bits, so I set off just after Lisa arrived on the unit for the ward round. I took advantage of not having Jack with me this morning and went home to do a bit of prep work for the homecoming surprise. I've decided to get new carpets throughout as well as painting now, so I did a bit of measuring up etc. I picked Jack up at about 1pm and we drove to Argos in Oldham to pick some cctv cameras up, I then took him to pizza hut for his dinner..... he was shattered as expected. We then drove back to my new head office and I had a busy afternoon sorting all the other offices out.... there was still loads to do... I have decided to knock a wall down to turn two offices in to one big one downstairs for the training team's hot desk room and I still needed some carpets replacing.... plus there is loads of other stuff to do! All the office based staff move over on Thursday next week so no pressure! Jack fell asleep on the settee in my office from 4pm until 6pm. When he woke up we set off back to the hospital via Lisa's grandmas & grandads. Theo's pram, high chair, car seat etc had arrived and they had agreed to store it in their spare room until we all came home as Lisa didn't want it in the house. When we got back, we went straight over to the unit to see Theo. He was still doing well.... his gases had dipped a bit again today but I think they were just the new norm with him, depending on how he was lay. Jack and I stayed with him for couple of hours and then went back to RMH while Lisa stayed the rest of the evening..... Jack was shattered so he went straight to bed and I made a start on the ESFA bid 🙈 Lisa came back after the ward round at about 11:30pm, so I went to the shops to get some treats for the nurses and then went to say goodnight to Theo. I read him a couple of stories, changed his bum, gave him his midnight feed, tucked him in all nice and snug and then came back to RMH to spend another hour on my bid..... I'm starting to get a bit worried about the bid now.... time is really running out with submitting it! It has to be in for the 4th September and I've not even started writing it yet! There is still loads of prep work with the guidance and specification to do before I can answer the questions! 65 thousand characters to write, with funding sheets, financial health check and a few other documents to complete..... massive! Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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