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Day 53 - Friday 11th August 2017

Lisa was up early again today and went over to the unit to see Theo at about 6am. I got Jack out of bed at 8am, packed him a bag as he was staying at his friends house for a birthday sleepover, which meant he was going to have a great time with a load of his mates... but not a lot of sleep 🙈🙈 We then went over to the cafe in the children's hospital, ate our usual source of morning sustenance..... picked some breakfast up for Lisa and took it up to the unit for her.

Jack and I spent a bit of time with Theo while Lisa ate in the kitchen. He was still doing really well.... 10 days on his BiPAP now...... still boarderline with his gases but still looking great! When Lisa came back, Jack and I set off to the new office to finish off the big move in....

Another busy day today with the office move.... it's looking great! I managed to get my laptop fired up for an hour and started to read the guidance on the new ESFA bid.... I really need to get my head in to it otherwise I won't have a business in a year's time!

I arranged to meet my ex-army mate from Preson today at the village for a bit of lunch..... I've spoke to him most days on the phone or messages and he's really been supporting me through this journey... it was really nice to just sit back though for an hour, having a pint and pub lunch and putting the world to rights.... He was planning to go abroad with his family though which depressed the crap out of me lol 🙈 No holidays for us this year!! While I was there, Lisa sent me a picture of her holding Theo again.... it was a chance opportunity because Theo had pooed in his incubator when Lisa was changing his bum, so she got to hold him while they cleaned it..... I might try that one next time I change his bum 😃😉 I dropped Jack off at his friends for 5pm and then came back up to the hospital. Theo was still doing really well and was awake for ages.... I stayed with him until after the ward round and the doctors said to just keep going...... all he needs is food now to make him bigger.... that's what's going to get him home! I stayed until about 1am and read him some stories before going to bed.....via the shops and back to get the night nurses some treats 😁 My head feels like it's going to explode at the minute, I've got that much to do...... head office move, homecoming surprise, overseeing my business, the biggest bid I have ever had to write, running around with Jack and trying to keep him entertained, making sure Lisa is eating and sleeping..... all whilst trying to spend as much time as I can with Theo...... I'll be glad when we are all home and we get back to being family again 🙈🙈 Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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