Day 52 - Thursday 10th August 2017

Lisa was up early again today to express and then went over to see Theo. I got Jack out of bed at 8am, went for some breakfast with him and then we went over to the unit to see Lisa and Theo before going to the new office. Theo was still doing really well.... hanging on to his BiPAP with boarderline gases but still looking great! We had another really nice nurse on today, Lisa is starting to make good freinds with quite a few nurses now, being a nurse herself, so she's starting to relax a lot more when these nurses are in the room, or especially when they are looking after Theo. Jack worked really hard at the new office all morning for me, dragging new office furniture around the place with the delivery guys..... the office was coming together nicely and my office looked great!! Jack found the staff's PlayStation and telly at lunch time, so I set it up in my office and that was end of Jack's hard work.... 🙈

Jack and I arrived back to the hospital at about 6pm and went straight over to see Theo.... he was still the same, looking great with boarderline gases..... No sign of re-intubation today 😁😁 Lisa had had a nice relaxed day, although she was still worried about Theo being re-intubated.... I'm pretty confident that he won't be though.

Lisa said that Theo had been a bit poorly this afternoon as a result of the eye test that he had..... they were checking for ROP (Retinopathy of prematurity) because he was so premature, but his eyes were fine 😁 The nurse changed his mask tonight and I managed to get a quick picture of his face.... He's getting chunky now which is really good. We weighed him again today, he is 1.562kg which is about 3lb 7oz..... still tiny but almost twice as big as he was when he was born 😁😁 I took Jack back to RMH and he played on his PS4 while I had a shower and got changed. Lisa came back to RMH at about 9:30pm and I went over to the unit to spend some more time with Theo until about 1am. I can't believe how well he is doing.... on paper he should still be ventilated and having a really bad time of it..... but he looks great.... smiling his head off when I read him stories (or just a bit of wind at the right times), turning his head over to tell us when he wants to be moved, and looking really chilled..... he is a super cute, really clever, little baby... I'm so proud of him..... my little superstar solider 😁😁😁 

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