Day 51 - Wednesday 9th August 2017

I was up really early today to see Theo before going to the new office. Lisa had been up since about 4am expressing, like she does everyday.... She called the ward and spoke to the night nurse who said that Theo had been really good all night. Then out of nowhere Lisa suddenly got a really bad nosebleed!! I sat with her until it stopped (about 20 mins) and then she went back to sleep...... I think I've only ever known her to have one nosebleed before in the last 17 years.... random?? I went over to the ward at about 6am and sat with Theo for a bit..... he looked really snuggled up and was fast asleep ❤ I stayed until just after shift change at 7:30am, so that I could tell Lisa who was looking after him.... it was another one of our usual really nice nurses..... 😁😁😁 I knew Lisa would have a nice relaxed day with Theo today! I went to work early and hired a rug doctor from B&Q so that I could clean some of the carpets in the new office that were ok to keep. I spent the day mad busy cleaning carpets, moving furniture and my belongings from my old office, catching up on a few emails and generally running around like a mad man..... I am a real control freak when it comes to things like this, I have to get involved in everything so that it is perfect!! Jack called me in the early afternoon to tell me they was going to get Theo out of his incubator and he might get to hold him ❤❤❤ awwww he'd not held him yet so he was really excited! Lisa and Jack both got to hold him in the afternoon.... I was up to my eyes in moving my office, my staff were packing up all the other offices throughout our 4,000sq ft old offices, and I had only hired the man and his van for the day, so I didn't get chance to get back for a cuddle 🙁..... I'm so glad Jack did though, he sent me loads of pictues and videos and one of my Senior managers and I were both were crying in my office looking at them, like a pair of big babies! 😢😢😂😂 We ran out of time so I asked a couple of staff if they would stay behind late with me and do another run with the man in the van and all our cars.... they agreed so we went back to the old office to reload all the big items...... thinking we could move the rest of the smaller items by car tomorrow. But on the way back to the old office, Lisa called and said that Theo had had a really bad gas and was being moved back in to intensive care 😢😢😢 I left the keys with one of my staff members and was off at XXXmph (the speed limit) to get back to the hospital.... When I got out of the car in the car park at the hospital, Lisa's mum was walking past me with a bag of food..... I tried to hurry her along by walking fast to the hospital but she's only got little legs...... thankfully I got there just as they were moving him to intensive care room 5 (bed space 2 again). When I saw Lisa, she had been crying her eyes out..... 1, because Theo was moving back in to intensive care in less than 24hrs of being moved to high dependency, and 2, because the awful nurse from the weekend was in the room. Thankfully she wasn't looking after Theo though! After a while I took Jack back to RMH to play on his playstation while I had a shower. I really stank and was filthy from carting my personal office contents over to my new plush office suite!

When I came back over to the unit, Lisa had been crying again..... She had made friends with a lady a couple of weeks ago and she had been told today that there was nothing they could do for her baby, after which they turned the baby's machine off and it passed away tonight. I can't imagine the pain that family are going through right now.... breaks my heart just thinking about it!

Lisa went back to RMH with Jack and I stayed with Theo. He had a blood gas at 11pm that was worse than before so they said to do it again at 12am...... the results of that one were a little bit better, so they said to repeat another blood gas in 4 hours...... Theo was holding on to the BiPAP like a little trooper..... he really doesn't want to be re-intubated...... I was going to stay up and wait for his next gas at 4am but I decided to go to bed because it had been a really long day today and I was super tired!! I asked the night nurse to call me after the 4am blood gas if it was worse than the 12am one..... Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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