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Day 49 - Monday 7th August 2017 (7 weeks old today)

Exhaustion has kicked in today with Lisa..... I got up at 7am and went over to the unit for the shift change.... the night nurse had done a really good job of looking after Theo and handed over to another lovely nurse. At first it was quite hard to converse with her because I don't think she could understand my accent, but we persevered 😁 I told her that Lisa and/or I are usually on the unit for 16-18 hours a day, but that I had to go to work today to sign the lease for my new Head Office and pick up the keys (finally!!) and Lisa was super exhausted this morning so may stop in bed for a while.... I went back to RMH at about 8:45am and Lisa was really stressed..... and tired! I told her that the nurse was really good and that she should get some more sleep, but she really wanted to go to the ward round, so she got up and did. I set off to my office with Jack at about 9am. On the way we had to nip home as the new settee was being delivered..... I had to let Jack in on a little bit of the coming home surprise, but not all of it though 😁 After the ward round, Lisa called me and said she was going to go back to bed. She slept until about 12pm and then went back over to see Theo. She then called me again at about 1pm saying she was falling asleep so I told her to go back to bed..... she was exhausted after the stressful weekend we had had, and all the unnecessary crying she had done.... I sorted the keys for my new office and made some arrangements about moving in..... it's going to be a massive job moving but the new office looks great and will give us a much more professional image. I arrived back to RMH at about 5:30pm and Lisa was still asleep, so I dropped Jack off in the room, gave her a hug and then came over to sit with Theo. He had been doing great all day. He didn't like it on his side or his back so he had spent pretty much the last 6 days on his belly.... just turning his head left and right. The nurse had made him a lovely comfy bed and put all his teddies and blankets around me him..... He was still doing great on his BiPAP, although his gases were boarderline, but the doctors said to keep him as he was and carry out his blood gases every 12 hours..... I really think he's going to stay on BiPAP now and not need to be re-intubated again 😁😁 plus, he's next in line to be moved out of our intensive care room, so he he will hopefully be moved in to a High Dependency room in the next couple of days 😁😁 We had the same night nurse as last night again tonight, so I waited until after hand over at 8:30pm, went to the shop to get some treats for the nurses, and then went back over to RMH. Lisa was still in bed and Jack was still playing on his playstation... I made us all some dinner..... Grandma's sausage, mash, peas and gravy for Jack, Grandma's corn beef ash for Lisa, and left over Nandos for me!! We then went back to the room for an early night. Lisa & Jack went to bed and I did some emails until about 11pm then went to bed myself!! I'm so glad lisa has caught up on her sleep.... tomorrow's another day and our 7 week old Theo is still doing really well 😁😁❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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