Day 48 - Sunday 6th August 2017

Lisa went over to see Theo at 6:30am.... his gases had been brilliant through the night and he had been really settled, it was such a relief after such a stressful 48 hours PR so.... but then came the morning shift change over...... we had the same nurse as yesterday again! After the ward round, Lisa came back over to RMH really upset again..... the nurse had not changed her attitude whatsoever, if anything, it was worse! After the ward round I went over to the unit because Lisa was too upset again, and when I arrived the nurse was just finishing off giving Theo his milk..... I sat down and noticed straight away that there was 3 hours worth of milk on the table that had been heated up and was still hot! I was absolutely fuming...... she had completely ignored what I had said yesterday! I asked her why she had done it, when I specifically told her yesterday that we didn't heat 4 hours worth of milk up..... who would drink milk after it had been warmed up and left out on the side for 3 hours? I felt really strongly about this as Theo already has issues with his bowels..... I told the nurse that you are suppose to get 4 hours worth out of the fridge and leave it on the side, at room temperature to warm up..... thats what every other nurse does, and what we have done for weeks! She went straight on the defensive and got a right attitude with me before storming off to her other baby.... I couldn't believe what I was seeing!! When she came back over a short while later, I told her that I felt she had completely ignored what I had said yesterday about the milk, to which she again said that there was nothing wrong with doing it..... I told her that I believed there was, but regardless, that wasn't the point, I specifically asked her not to do it and she completely ignored me! I then told her that she has really upset Lisa both yesterday and this morning and asked her if she had any compassion for what Lisa and I are going through, to which she didnt even respond?? I said that it is hard enough for us coping with this situation and not being able to fully care for our own child, without having a nurse tell us what we can and can't do after weeks of us doing them! They may seem like small trivial jobs to her, but to me and Lisa, they are a big thing..... but it was like talking to a brick wall! She just had a really bad attitude and walked off to her other baby!!! The ward manager came in shortly after and asked if I was ok, I think another nurse had said something..... I said I wasn't and asked if I could speak to her. I told her everything that had gone on the last couple of days and that she had really upset Lisa to the point that Lisa couldn't bring herself to come over and see Theo. The ward manager was really nice, she said she understood and would have a word with the nurse. She also said that she shouldn't be warming 4 hours worth of milk up and would speak to her about that also..... I said I didn't want to make an official complaint at that time and that I would just monitor it throughout the day. I told Lisa what had happened and she came back over..... the nurse just blanked me and Lisa for the rest of the day.... you could cut the tension with a knife! So unprofessional and disrespectful! When the night nurse took over for the evening shift, even she could feel the atmosphere..... The nurse just asked the night shift nurse if she had looked after Theo before (which she had a few times and was really nice) and then walked off without even looking at Lisa or I... What a horrible attitude! She was actually clinically very good, but she has got a long way to go before she becomes a 'good nurse' especially in a highly emotional setting like this, where listening to parents with empathy and compassion is so important! Despite all the stress Lisa and I have endured this weekend, Theo is still doing great on his BiPAP. We are super proud of him, he's such a little fighter. We can rest easy though tonight knowing that Theo is in good hands with a really nice nurse. Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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