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Day 47 - Saturday 5th August 2017

I was up at 6:00am today to get Jack ready for his day out with Lisa's family, they were going crabbing in anglesea for the day. Lisa rang the ward to check on Theo and the nurse said he had been unsettled all night and his gas wasn't very good🙈🙈🙈 I was just about to set off but I couldn't find my keys anywhere..... I then remembered that I had put them in the locker over on the NICU ward...... I went over with Jack and Lisa to say morning to Theo, picked my keys up and then took Jack to meet his Grandad down the road. When I came back Lisa was really unhappy.... the handover was not good, the new nurse (another newly qualified one) also didn't have any experience with the BiPAP machine and they completely skipped past the handover of it! There was also loads of information not passed over about his conditions..... but to make matters worse, the nurse that took over told Lisa that Lisa couldn't give Theo his medicines (even though she had been doing so for the last 7 weeks)..... The nurse had never looked after Theo before, or spoken to Lisa; and yet she was telling Lisa how she was to look after her own baby?? Why would you do that? After a while Lisa got really upset and had to leave the unit..... she went back to RMH to calm down! The sister noticed she was upset and asked me if she was ok, so I took her to one side and said no..... I told her that the nurse had really upset her to the point she has had to leave the ward.... I also said that we were both already stressed because we felt that Theo hadn't been receiving the same level of care over the last couple of days with newly qualified nurses, and that the last couple of nurses were not even experienced on the BiPAP machine. I told her that I felt that because Theo was being really good and was one of the least poorliest baby in the room, he was getting the most inexperienced nurses so they could learn....... I told her that as much as I supported nurses learning, Theo was still very premature, 32 week gestation today, and I didn't want their learning to be at the detriment of his progress! He is still very poorly and although he is doing well, things could change at anytime, or worse, he could go backwards because he's not getting the attention he needs and things might not be spotted early enough. She told me that all nurses were fully trained on the BiPAP, but that they had to learn in real life to get the experience. I told her that I understood that, but when his gases are getting worse because the new nurses are not sure how to intervene on the machine, or identify that his mask has moved, or they dont have an understanding of his required pressures and what button does what, we are setting him up to fail, and he could end up being re-intubated as a result!! After a while she understood what I was saying and she changed his hat and mask position with another nurse..... Theo settled down straight away and his pressures and saturations were much better. I told the doctor on the ward round that his poor gases might be the result of him not getting the required/set pressures because of his mask positions, so he said he would see how he gets on through the day..... but if he continues with bad gases, he may need re-intubating and might need the antenatal steroids!! I was really stressed out by this time so I told his nurse that I would be back after the ward round to do his cares and went back to RMH for an hour's sleep while they continued with the other babies.... When I got back over to the ward, the nurse was just about to do his cares, so I said I would do them, she gave me a funny look and then walked over to her other baby.... I washed Theo, changed his nappy and turned him over. I noticed as I turned him over that he had pulled his OG tube out again (for the 3rd time in the last 12 hours) so I asked his nurse if she would change the sticky pads as they were not holding it in place properly. Once it was secured, I settled him in to a really nice snug position on his tummy, secured his mask on his face, checked his pressures were ok, and asked the sister if she would wait another hour before she did his blood gas....... his pressures and sats were perfect for the next hour and thankfully, his gas was better than it had been for the last 24 hours.... thank God! Theo's day nurse was really hard work today! She kept telling me what I can do and how I have to do it.... I told her that she was the only nurse to tell me what to do rather than ask me what I normally do, and that I have been looking after Theo for 7 weeks, whereas she has only looked after him for a few hours.... At one point she told me to heat up 4 hours worth of Theo's milk in hot water.... I told her that we just warm up the first hour and leave the other 3 hours to warm up in room temperature. She said that there was nothing wrong with heating it all up at once?? I explained that Theo had just got over a couple of infections and told her that we wasn't doing that and she said "whatever, you do what you think is best!" in a really unprofessional manner! I actually felt quite angry towards her at thos point as she doesn't even know Theo, yet she thinks she can dictate how we are to look after him. She was so unprofessional and had a right attitude with me! However, I remained polite, stood my ground and carried on doing what I had done for Theo for weeks.... The doctor came round at about 7pm and said he was happy to keep Theo how he was. He asked for an x-ray on his chest (which was all good) and I told him why I thought his pressures were poor last night. He agreed and said we should try and give Theo the best chance to stay on the BiPAP. His night nurse was really lovely, very attentive and efficient!! Thank God for that, we can sleep easy tonight..... not sure if the sister has voiced my concerns today to somebody..... I came back to RMH to sit with Jack at about 7:30pm and Lisa went over to spend some time with Theo. She couldn't cope with being on the NICU today because of the day nurse.... it was so uncomfortable, I hope we don't get her again!! Lisa stayed with Theo until about 11:30pm and was a lot happier when she got back to RMH 😁 I hope Theo has a good night and his gases continue to be better in the morning ❤❤ Thanks for reading, please share this blog with everyone you know to extend it's reach.... Subscribe to our page to receive a notification of the next blog.... You can donate to our two amazing charities at:

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